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India's geek cultural revolution

BANGALORE — By striking out on their own to launch risky, idea-based ventures, India's young tech entrepreneurs are defying generations of received wisdom. They're reshaping traditional ideas about the nature of “doing business.” They're turning the economics of the arranged marriage market upside down.

Is one of these nerds India's Mark Zuckerberg?

NEW DELHI — Part support group, part job fair, the first "Hug a Startup" event is intended to help the so-called “Morpheus Gang” — the 60-odd startups that are part of Guglani's business incubator — overcome one of the biggest hurdles faced by India's fledgling companies.

Innovation, Indian-style

BANGALORE — Silicon Valley veteran Bowei Gai and “Mr. Asia” Benjamin Joffe recently spent weeks touring India's hottest startups, meeting with founders and crunching numbers to gather information for the World Startup Report's India study. As the founder of CardMunch (Gai) and an angel investor in numerous startups across Asia (Joffe), the tech gurus brought firsthand experience and cross-cultural insight to the project — which they shared with GlobalPost's Jason Overdorf.

India tech: Cool solutions to colossal problems

NEW DELHI — India's startup scene is running a decade or so behind China's, but it's on the same path to creating scores of billion dollar internet companies, according to World Startup Report founder Bowei Gai. 
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