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These candidates for Indonesia's election are hotter than your candidates

When voters go to the polls for legislative elections on April 9, they'll notice that several of the female candidates pictured on their ballot papers have something in common: they're all, well, babes. It's no coincidence. Indonesia has a name for such balloted beauties: caleg cantik, or "gorgeous candidates." Critics accuse political parties of including them on their lists despite their glaring lack of chops in the cynical hope that Indonesians will vote not with their heads but their... er... eyes.

Indonesian death squads reminisce in 'The Act of Killing'

BANGKOK — As retired death squad captains go, Anwar Congo is surprisingly brash and suave. He struts the side alleys of Medan, a grubby second-tier Indonesian city, in mustard-colored suits and gold watches. He has Shaft’s fashion sense and — in his mind, it seems — Sidney Poitier’s fetching looks.

Indonesia volcano eruption kills at least 6 on Palue island

At least six people were killed in a massive volcanic eruption in a small island in Indonesia.

Underwater: Flooding plagues regions around the world

Australia, Mozambique and the Philippines — to name a few countries — have recently forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands as a result of extreme flooding.

Death toll rises sharply after Jakarta monsoon floods

Heavy monsoon rains have caused severe flooding around the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

Indonesian search team finds wrecked Russian jet's black box

The cockpit voice recorder was found inside the black box, but the plane's flight data recorder remains missing.

Indonesia: Facing jail for filming sex on Blackberry

Three men and a woman are facing up to 12 years in jail for breaking Indonesia’s strict anti-pornography laws
Indonesia policeEnlarge
Need a spanking? (SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

This whole story actually sounds like a script for a low budget porn flick. Sans the happy ending.

Imagine this scene:

Two men and a woman are having sex in a budget hotel room in West Java. Another man is shooting the action on his Blackberry. And, just as things are really steaming up, the door busts open and a police commando storms in.

Yes, in uniforms and everything.

This is where the story diverts from your typical porn script.

No, the cops didn’t take off their Velcro pants and didn’t get involved.

No spanking. No dirty talk (okay, maybe some of that).

But most importantly, they arrested the four people having sex.

Why, you ask?

Well, this is where the story gets a bit surreal.


FIFA opens investigation after Bahrain's 10-0 win over Indonesia (VIDEO)

FIFA said that it was investigating an "unusual outcome" in Bahrain's 10-0 defeat over Indonesia in Manama after needing nine goals to qualify for the next round.

Indonesian Supreme Court upholds Abu Bakar Bashir jail term

Considered the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda-linked militants blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings, as well other attacks in the mainly Muslim nation, Bashir established an Islamist militant training camp in western Indonesia and was found guilty of inciting terrorism by a district court in June.

Inmates seize control of Bali prison

Inmates chased guards out of the prison with sticks, stolen weapons and bricks
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