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Dirt road to mega-highway: China invests in Pakistan

China's growing international investment has brought with it a lot of scrutiny, in particular focusing on the investments made in Africa. But there's another, somewhat surprising beneficiary, one that has long been a huge recipient of US aid — Pakistan.

19 structurally deficient bridges that Americans drive over every day

Henry Blodget recently wrote on the need for infrastructure spending in the United States.  Something that drives that point home is how badly some of our essential infrastructure has decayed. As of last year, 11.5 percent of US bridges, crossed by an average of 282,672,680 vehicles daily, were graded as "structurally deficient" by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Original Source URL:

Britain: You want infrastructure projects, we got infrastructure projects

British government announces it will build a new high speed rail link from London to Birmingham.
Despite serious objections from his supporters, British Prime Minister David Cameron's government gave the go-ahead today for a high-speed rail road between London and Birmingham (Christopher Furlong/AFP/Getty Images)

Britain's Tory-led coalition government gave the green light today to the biggest domestic rail project since the 19th century.

HS2 will link London to Birmingham, the country's second largest city. Distance: 140 miles. The cost: £32.7 billion ($50.6 billion). Completion date: 2026.

It is then supposed to be extended further north to Manchester and Leeds.

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