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On Location Video: 3-D print your house

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — 3-D printers have been used to make guns, shoes and even prosthetic limbs, but now two architecture firms hope to print the world’s first livable homes. One of the companies says it’ll start building a traditional Dutch canal house later this year. The other plans a more abstract design to be built by an Italian printer. It fuses sand and ground rock — cheap, abundant materials that could yield low-cost housing for the poor.

Africa’s anti-Hummer

NAIROBI — At $6,000, the Mobius could be a game-changer for businesses working on Africa’s rough roads.

Accelerate: Four sheets to the wind

Japanese scientists say all cargo vessels will soon start using sails again — which could cut fuel use by a third. 

Accelerate: Power Swap

The Earth Project: Extreme Makeover Coal Edition

A research center in Spain is perfecting technology to strip CO2 from powerplant emissions and store it deep underground.

500-million-year-old bacteria brought back to life in "Jurassic Park" experiment

Scientists have resurrected 500 million year old bacteria in a "Jurassic Park" experiment, Georgia Tech sources report - and although not the stuff of a Spielberg film, the discovery will likely add to our current knowledge of evolution and how it works.

Swiss scientists create a mind-controlled robot

Scientists from Switzerland have created a robot that can be controlled by the human mind.

World's first cloned transgenic sheep made in China

Chinese researchers say that they have created the world's first cloned sheep using a process called "handmade cloning."

Spongy carbon 'nanotubes' can soak up oil during a spill

Researchers at Rice University and Penn State may have found a reusable material to help soak up oil spills on water.

Google maps the wind (VIDEO)

Wind map, which was developed by Google computer scientists, shows currents in a stunning real time visualization.
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