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Here's a chart to help you understand how many people are dying in Syria

The Syrian conflict has so far killed an estimated 146,000 people. Let's compare.

9 numbers that explain how bad it is in Syria right now

Here are some facts about the Syrian conflict that may shock you.

Courtesy: United Nation Relief and Works Agency

This is the latest photo that has everyone talking: A sea of desperate Palestinian refugees besieging aid workers in the Yarmouk camp in the Syrian capital of Damascus.


The Seattle Seahawks hacked CNN last night

Last night the Seattle Seahawks, an American football team headed to the Super Bowl, appeared suddenly passionate about CNN's unfair coverage of the war in Syria.

Why the Syria peace talks are probably doomed to fail

BEIRUT — The international community has been trying to get the Syrian regime and members of its opposition forces together for peace talks since the failure of the last meeting 18 months ago. On Wednesday, that finally happened. It sounds like a positive move toward ending a conflict that has so far killed more than 130,000, doesn’t it? But the conference has little hope of achieving more than its predecessor.

Syrians react to Geneva II talks with skepticism, anger (LIVE BLOG)

Despite a hostile tone between the Syrian government and opposition at Geneva II, a UN mediator said both sides might be ready to discuss local ceasefires and prisoner exchanges.

Syria: President Assad's Instagram feed vs reality

The Syrian administration's official Instagram feed is obviously in the business of making the regime look good. There are plenty of pictures of Assad's stately wife, Asma, kneeling to speak to a Syrian child. There are no pictures of the other 5 million children in need of assistance as a result of the ongoing conflict. There are no pictures of war.

One year later, James Foley still missing in Syria

Last Nov. 22 was Thanksgiving Day here in America. And on that day, nearly 6,000 miles away in northern Syria, four armed men abducted Jim Foley. We haven't heard from him since.

Syria has become a terrible place to be a woman

ALEPPO and ANTAKYA — Nawar refuses to be seen as a victim. Even when describing how Syrian soldiers tortured and assaulted her, she remains tough and outspoken. Sitting in a quiet corner of a coffee shop in Antakya, she spoke unashamedly, with anger rather than fear while she smoked a chain of cigarettes. “For me, speaking out is about revenge,” she said. “Revenge has become an obsession.”

How the war in Syria has become a terrible, tragic mess

REYHANLI, Turkey — The Syrian conflict began as a revolution against the Assad government in March 2011. But it has since become a multi-faceted war where opposition groups fight each other and kidnappings and executions take place on every side, often with sectarian motivations. In multiple interviews with GlobalPost, Syrians and activists describe an increasingly desperate situation.
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