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Inside Syria: Surviving Aleppo (VIDEO)

ALEPPO, Syria — Against all odds, a toddler survives a regime bomb attack that killed his entire family in Aleppo, Syria. Many other children have not not been so lucky.

On Location Video: Syria's casualties of war

Hundreds of civilians estimated killed as Syrian government forces bomb Aleppo and push back rebels.

Inside Syria: For assault on Daraya, Assad regime brings own cameras

DARAYA, Syria — A GlobalPost reporter visiting Daraya Sunday described it as a city of “ghosts and dead bodies,” witnessing dozens of corpses strewn amid the rubble and chaos of the devastated town, including entire families summarily executed with shots to the head and chest. Syrian television had a different story to tell. 

Syria refugee flow getting worse as fighting continues: UN

The crisis in Syria has left international actors scratching their heads about the best course of intervention.

Austin Tice, American journalist, reported missing in Syria

Tice’s editors have said they are working with government agencies in the United States and Syrian intermediaries in an attempt to find out where Tice may be.

Q & A: Why the US doesn't want to intervene in Syria

Foreign policy experts have voiced doubts that the US wants to engage militarily in Syria. What's more, the effectiveness of potential intervention is seriously questioned.

Syria decoded: What's next for the region?

What is next for Syria? Will the US intervene? GlobalPost's own Peter Gelling offers insight into the region.

Syria: UK echoes US warning on chemical weapons

Obama and Cameron agreed that they would revisit their approach if Assad made any moves towards using chemical weapons.

Assad's Alawites fear a time when Sunnis seek revenge

In the beginning the opposition was non-violent. But when the regime became violent the opposition armed itself and created the Free Syrian Army.
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