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Bangkok airport bust finds baby leopards, panthers, bear

Thailand is a major hub for illegal wildlife trafficking, but it is unusual for authorities to find so many live mammals.

Tiny UK police force smashes global child porn ring

Lincolnshire police led a team to uncover an online “news service” that provided millions of indecent images and films of children to more than 1,300 suspected pedophiles.

South Africa intelligence minister's wife found guilty of drug trafficking

Critics say that if Siyabonga Cwele was unaware of his wife’s drug smuggling, then he should not be in charge of the country's security and intelligence operations.

Kidnappings scare rich Russian parents

MOSCOW — Revenge killings, kidnappings, car bombs and shootouts were a hallmark of Russia’s turbulent transition to free-for-all capitalism.

Kosovo's Mafia: A hotbed of human trafficking

PRISTINA — In the aftermath of the U.S.-led war in Kosovo, this nascent democracy became a hub of the global trade in human beings.

Kosovo's Mafia: Assassinations and intimidation

PRISTINA — Sources have come forward to shed new light on K-SHIK’s alleged history of targeting political opponents for intimidation — and murder.

Kosovo's Mafia: How the US and allies ignore allegations of organized crime at the highest levels of a new democracy

PRISTINA — Despite numerous and detailed allegations against Hashim Thaci, he has remained a valued ally of successive U.S. administrations.

International pedophile ring shut down, say police (VIDEO)

Police said they rescued 230 children from abuse and arrested 184 suspects, including teachers and police officers.

Video of the day: China bank robbery

Terror in Tianjin as man uses hammer to smash his way inside bank.

There's an amazing video of a bank robbery in Tianjin, China making the internet rounds today.

In it, a man takes four minutes to smash his way through a bullet-proof glass barrier using a big hammer as terrified employees stand by and watch. According to China Hush, the robbery took place Feb. 7 at a post office savings bank. It reportedly took police five minutes to show up.

The robber appears 30 seconds into the video. And, yes, there is sound.

China is no stranger to bank robberies, of course.

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