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Scientists warn of "untreatable" strain of gonorrhea

This mutant strain of "the clap," a common STD, was first detected in a Japan sex worker and is resistant to antibiotics.
Health gonorrhea superbug 07 11 11Enlarge
Japanese condom maker Fuji Latex employee Toru Katsumata displays a florescent-colored condom as part of Japan's Condom Association efforts to educate people about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Scientists have warned that a new strain of the STD gonorrhea has become resistant to antibiotics. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Scientists are warning of a new, untreatable strain of gonorrhea, discovered in a sex trade worker in Japan.

The mutant strain of gonorrhea, a common sexually transmitted disease also known as “the clap,” is resistant to penicillin and other antibiotics, according to research presented at a conference on STDs held in Quebec City, reports Canada’s National Post.

“If it spreads now, we don’t know what should be the recommended treatment,” Swedish researcher Magnus Unemo told the newspaper.

Scientists from the Swedish Reference Laboratory have warned that the new “super” strain of the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhea, dubbed H041, is resistant to cephalosporins, a fourth-generation class of antibiotics. Unemo warned of a “future era of untreatable gonorrhea,” with the STD posing a major threat to public health.

New strains of gonorrhea generally emerge in Japan or South Korea before spreading globally, the National Post said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, there are an estimated 700,000 new cases of gonorrhea in the United States each year.

A July 8, 2011, notice from the CDC asked doctors to be on the lookout for gonorrhea infections that are resistant to cephalosporins, ABC News reports.

Gonorrhea is one of the world’s most common STDs, but if left untreated it can cause serious, life-threatening health complications in both women and men.


Wondering about penis size? The hand tells all, study says

A team of South Korean researchers come up with what may be a reliable guide: predicting penis length by comparing index and ring fingers
Just look at a man's hand and you'll find out about his penis. (William West/AFP/Getty Images)

All those jokes about the size of men's feet... or hands...

Well, new research demonstrates that there might actually be something to the idea that there is a correlation between length... and length.

A team of South Korean researchers studied 144 men, and came up with what may be a reliable guide: the ratio of the length of a man's index finger to that of his ring finger. The lower that ratio, the longer the penis may be, the researchers wrote Monday in the Asian Journal of Andrology, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The team, led by Tae Beom Kim of Gachon University in Incheon, said it investigated this apparent correlation because it believed there was a lack of research on the male appendage, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. ''To date, there have been few studies that reveal why men who undergo normal puberty have different penile lengths,'' it said.

The researchers studied the men's right hands. Digit ratio, or the length of the second, index finger relative to the fourth, ring finger, was calculated. In most women, those two fingers are about the same length, but men's index fingers tend to be shorter than their ring fingers, giving a lower digit ratio.

The length of the penis was measured both when it was flaccid and when it had been stretched to its full length, according to the Los Angeles Times. Stretched length is thought to correlate to erect length, the researchers said. They found that, in general, the lower the ratio of the lengths of the two fingers, the longer the penis was in its stretched state.


Strauss-Kahn sexual-assault case near collapse as serious questions about accuser surface

In a stunning reversal of fortune, Strauss-Kahn might be released on his own recognizance and freed from house arrest, and it is unlikely that the most serious charges against him will stand.

Colombia: Women's sex strike gets husbands' support

Men join "Crossed Legs Strike" with hunger strike of their own in joint effort to get town's access road repaired
Legs 6 28 11Enlarge
(Karim Sahib/AFP/Getty Images)

It all started last Thursday, when more than 250 women in Barbacoas, a remote, rural town in Colombia, began their "Crossed Legs Strike," saying their husbands would get no sex from them until they pressured authorities to get the town's only access road repaired so it could be used, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Now the men in the town are joining in the action, according to Colombia Reports:

After some initial frustration, men have decided to facilitate the protest against the corrupt local government by taking to their central park on Saturday to stage a hunger strike.

“(Men) have come together with women with a hunger strike. This is not improvised, this is a process that began a year ago to reclaim respect for human rights and gender advocacy,” a local Circuit court judge said.

About 40,000 people live in Barbacoas and the surrounding hamlets, and the only access is a treacherous, mountain road that stretches 35 miles, from the town of Junin, near Colombia's border with Ecuador, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The unpaved Junin-Barbacoas road has suffered heavy damage over the past year, as torrential rains caused landslides, making the commute more dangerous, and much longer, about 10 hours now, compared with four to six hours under normal conditions.

Dozens of people have died on the road before they were able to receive medical attention at the nearest hospital, according to Colombia Reports. And the difficult route hinders delivery of crucial supplies.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

"These women, and all of the rest of us in this town, are fed up with the empty promises from the central government," Lucelly Del Carmen Viveros, the human rights coordinator in the town of Barbacoas, said in a phone interview Friday. "This is the only road connecting Barbacoas to the rest of the state and the country, and it's in despicable condition."

Colombia was hit by severe downpours over the past 12 months, caused by the La Nina weather pattern. President Juan Manuel Santos said the rains and flooding, which destroyed highways, bridges and crops, were the worst natural disaster in the history of the country.


7 words for condom in Chinese

We take it for granted, the word "condom," and how simple it is. Two syllables. One word.
China condom hat 2011 06 27Enlarge
A models wears a hat decorated with condoms at the 4th China Reproductive Health New Technologies and Products Expo in Beijing on July 11, 2007. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)

Print this one out and keep it in your back pocket. You never know.

Here, thanks to a guy named Carl and his blog, are seven words for "condom" in Chinese:

  • 避孕套 bìyùntào – “avoid-pregnancy-cover” (most common)
  • 安全套 ānquántào – “safety-cover”
  • 保險套 bǎoxiǎntào - “ensurance cover”
  • 阴茎套 yīnjīngtào - “penis-cover”
  • 衛生套 wèishēngtào – “hygiene-cover”
  • 套儿 tàor - “coverrr” (informal)
  • 如意套 rúyìtào – “as-one-wishes-cover” (Singapore/Malaysia)

Interestingly enough, the etymology of the English word "condom" is unclear.

Most people think it came from Latin, but whether it came from "condon" (receptacle), "condamina" (house), or "cumdum" (scabbard or case) is the source of some debate.


Wang vs. Weiner: the art of a Twitter scandal (VIDEO)

Wang Gongquan announced via China's version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, that he's leaving his wife for his mistress.
Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) admits to sending a lewd Twitter photo of himself to a woman and then lying about it during a press conference. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Unlike our fellow American, Anthony Weiner, bigwigs in China know how to cut right to the heart of a scandal.

Why waste a couple weeks lying about sending pictures of your crotch, when you can simply post a message online detailing the full extent of all your dark and stormy feelings?

Wang Gongquan — yes, A. Weiner, that's Mr. Wang to you — one of China's most famous investors, did just that.

He announced to his wife and family — as well as the rest of humantiy —  on China's version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, that he was leaving his wife for his mistress.

"I am giving up everything and eloping with Wang Qin," Wang posted on Sina Weibo. "I feel ashamed and so am leaving without saying goodbye. I kneel down and beg forgiveness!" reports the Wall Street Journal.

Hi confession on May 16 went viral and was republished about 60,000 times within 24 hours.

But Wang didn't stop there. In dozens of subsequent posts, Wang detailed his feelings on life and love and the occasional political musing. On May 30, he pointed his readers to a YouTube video of himself singing, "Ode to Elopement," a song he had written.

Thank you, New York magazine for translating the lyrics:

Always facing the whispers of the wind with a heart longing for love/
I loathe nothing more than laboring for profane achievements/
Who has ever seen mountains of gold and silver/
last through 10,000 generations?/
Throughout the ages,/
the only precious thing is this feeling.


One in 6 Australia students raped: survey

The survey respondents said the perpetrator was usually a friend or acquaintance. In 22 percent of cases, it involved an intimate partner.

ICC investigating Gaddafi over use of rape as weapon

Luis Moreno Ocampo said that some witnesses had confirmed that the Libyan government was buying containers of "Viagra-type" drugs as part of an official rape policy, in order "to enhance the possibility to rape."

Bangladeshi woman cuts off penis of man she says tried to rape her, submits it as evidence

A case of she said, he said, and a severed penis

Sex in Canada: It's a conscious decision.

TORONTO — The court's decision, which was not nearly unanimous, has been welcomed by feminists.
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