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In Iran, nationalism stirs

TEHRAN — As Iran’s isolation grows more pronounced week after week, so is, it seems, a sense of nationalism among its citizens.

Iran disrupts internet access ahead of elections

Iran's access to the Internet was disrupted on Monday, after Iranians experienced several interruptions to e-mail and social networking sites last week.

Europe shrugs off Iran's oil cut

The EU still worries about an Iran-Israel war.

Oil price hits eight-month high as Iran halts exports

Brent crude rose to more than $120 per barrel on Monday, it highest level since mid-June last year. The price per barrel has risen by about 20 percent since December. 

IAEA inspectors arrive in Tehran for talks on Iran's nuclear program

The inspectors hope to investigate allegations that Iran is pursuing weapons, but it's unlikely the regime will cooperate.

Iran cuts off crude oil exports to Britain and France

 Iran's Ministry of Petroleum has stopped the sale of crude oil to Britain and France in an apparent retaliatory act for those countries' ban on Iranian oil.

Iranian warships enter Mediterranean Sea

"The strategic navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has passed through the Suez Canal for the second time since the Islamic Revolution" in 1979, the head of Iran's navy, Admiral Habibollah Sayari, told Iranian media.

SWIFT ready to cut Iranian banks out of global financial system

United Against Nuclear Iran, a New York-based organization that wants harsher sanctions against Iran, said SWIFT’s action “has the potential to significantly isolate the Iranian regime from the world’s markets, and lessen the capital it has to pursue nuclear weapons and fund terrorism,” the New York Times reported.

South Caucasus nations fear Iran-Israel war

TBILISI — All three South Caucasus countries — Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia — maintain important relationships with both the West and Iran. Conflict between these two sides could destabilize the fragile, but strategically crucial peace in the region.

Iran eager to 'resume' nuclear talks

Iran's nuclear chief pens a conciliatory letter to world powers asking to re-start nuclear talks as the country celebrates new achievements in their nuclear enrichment program. 
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