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Why America Doesn't Care If China Gobbles Up Iraq's Oil

Donald Trump is irate.  When he learned that China is gobbling up Iraq's oil — to the tune of more than half its output — he freaked out.

Iraq: Bomb at Baquba political rally kills at least 25

Deadly bomb blast in eastern Iraq.

Leveson Inquiry: Heckler David Lawley-Wakelin calls Tony Blair 'war criminal' (VIDEO)

"This man should be arrested for war crimes," claimed the man who burst into the London courtroom where Blair was testifying.

Haditha: Frank Wuterich pleads guilty to dereliction of duty

The decision brings an end to the longest-running and most notorious case against US troops from the Iraq war.

Fallujah birth defects a result of US weapons?

The incidence of birth defects in Fallujah appears to be 14 times higher than it was in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the use of the atom bomb.

A former British diplomat's call to arms

In a new book, Carne Ross, who resigned a promising career over the Iraq War, writes of a future where people look to themselves not governments for solutions
Carne rossEnlarge
The energy and the desire for change manifested itself in 2011in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Carne Ross, a former British diplomat, has just published a book with serious suggestions for the next steps forward. (Spencer Platt/AFP/Getty Images)

Early last year, as the Arab Spring was tasting its first successes and before the "indignados" of Madrid ignited what has become the Occupy movement in America and Europe, a former high flying British diplomat was putting the finishing touches on his first book.

Carne Ross's "The Leaderless Revolution" is a manifesto for a movement that ignited as the book was in production. It has just been published in the U.S. and good timing is clearly one of the book's strong points.


Suicide car bomb strikes Iraq interior ministry in Baghdad

The bomber attempted to drive his car into the ministry building complex in central Baghdad at the beginning of rush hour, officials said.

Camp Victory: US hands over military headquarters to Iraq

The handover marks the end of nearly nine years of American residency in the complex next to Baghdad airport, which was originally built as a luxury palace by Saddam Hussein.

US troops spend their last Thanksgiving in Iraq

As US troops prepare to leave Iraq by year's end, military bases across Iraq are celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner - and some rocket fire.

UK: Iraqi civilians win right to fresh inquiry into alleged torture by British soldiers

Soldiers and interrogators working for the UK government are accused of carrying out torture and inhumane and degrading treatment against civilian detainees in Iraq between 2003 and 2008.
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