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Ireland's new goat-sheep hybrid is as adorable as you'd expect (VIDEO)

What's brown, woolly and runs fast as hell? This fuzzy Irish geep.

Atheist Ireland: Oxymoron, or growing movement?

In a country where the Catholic Church and the state are joined at the hip, Ireland would seem barren ground for an atheist movement. But Atheist Ireland is building momentum.
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A man walks past the Papal Cross in Phoenix Park, in Dublin, Ireland. (Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images)

LONDON — Is there a less likely name for a political action group than Atheist Ireland

One of the most Roman Catholic countries on earth, a nation where the Catholic Church and the state are joined at the hip, Ireland would seem barren ground for an atheist movement. Slowly but surely, though, Atheist Ireland is building momentum.

That the first steps are being taken to add atheism to the religious studies curriculum in Irish schools is proof of that. And the fact that no one has been threatened with excommunication over it further demonstrates how much the country is changing.

Atheism Ireland's founder, Michael Nugent, said outsiders shouldn't be surprised about the increasing tolerance for a non-believing viewpoint in Ireland.


Irish abortion bill signed into law

Medical staff can now terminate pregnancies when two doctors determine that there is a threat to the life of the mother.

Father’s Day just one of many ‘days’ celebrated around the world today (VIDEO)

In Ireland, fans of Irish writer James Joyce dress in Edwardian clothing and retrace the journey around Dublin that Joyce’s fictional character Leopold Bloom takes in his 1922 novel Ulysses, which is set on June 16, 1904.

Queen and ex-IRA chief Martin McGuinness in historic handshake

The handshake comes 14 years after three decades of violence between pro- and anti-British forces in Northern Ireland came to a halt with the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Ryanair reports record high profits

In an interview on Monday, Ryanair chief executive Micheal O’Leary said his airline could benefit from the worsening outlook as passengers would not stop going on holiday but instead switch to lower cost carriers.

Ireland sets May 31 date for EU pact referendum

Ireland’s three main political parties back the fiscal compact, with the opposition Fianna Fáil party indicating it will support the government and campaign for a yes vote in May.

Ex-Irish PM Bertie Ahern resigns from Fianna Fáil

The former Dublin politician was on the verge of being expelled from Fianna Fáil after a tribunal investigating corruption in Ireland’s planning process found money from party supporters had been deposited in his bank account.

Ireland falls back into recession

Thursday’s figures overshadowed data showing that Ireland's economy grew by 0.7 percent in 2011 as a whole, bringing an end to three years of declines since the financial crisis began in the country.

Oil is discovered off the coast of Ireland

Ireland has struck oil off the County Cork coast in what may prove to be a multi-billion dollar discovery.
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