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Unhappy Valentine's Day for Malaysian couples, arrested for 'close proximity'

Police busted young lovers for inappropriate touching.
Malaysia valentines day 2012Enlarge
Only married couples or non-Muslims are allowed to get intimate on Feb. 14 in Malaysia. (SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

You might think you hate Valentine's Day, but in Malaysia, some people really, really hate it. 

The evidence: several Malaysian couples were arrested today for trying to get a little, y'know, closerLocal news site The Star Online reported that, starting from 12:30 AM Valentine's morning, police swooped on "budget hotels" in central Selangor state and carried off several young men and women in police vans.

Their crime? Alleged khalwat, or "close proximity," which for unmarried Muslims is a crime punishable with two years in jail and/or a 3,000 Ringgit ($984) fine.


Islam at play: Better marriage through better sex

The Obedient Wives Club in Malaysia marks the Prophet’s birthday in (yet another) controversial way.
Muslim women pray during special Terawikh night prayers, performed during the month of Ramaran, at a mosque in Kuala Lumpur. (TENGKU BAHAR/AFP/Getty Images)

It has been a few months since The Obedient Wives Club last hit the news.

It was — to be precise — in October, when the organization published an explicit guide to “Islamic sex.”

The book upset so many people the Home Ministry of Malaysia banned it.

But the Club ladies aren’t giving up on spreading their gospel about the proper way to go about marriage.

This time, the Club ladies have launched a campaign titled “The Prophet, Islam’s Sacred Sex Figure,” to commemorate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday on Feb. 5, The Malaysian Insider reports.

Sadly — as great as I think The Obedient Wives Club affiliation would look on my resume — I doubt they would ever grant me membership. My obedience skills are a bit rusty these days. I am, however, fascinated by the organization and their members’ objective: to be the best obedient wife one could aspire to be.

This is done, from what I have gathered, through two things: a) being subservient at all times and b) being sexually available, also at all times.

In their words: a proper wife must behave “like a first-class whore," according to the Malaysian Insider.

Who knew Islamic sex would be so racy?

The campaign, which is scheduled to run for nearly two weeks, urges members to follow The Prophet’s example and avoid sexual sins. 

Never in my life did I think I would be putting the words “Prophet Muhammad’s sex life” into Google, but there’s a first time for everything. And, truth to be told, it’s a highly fascinating reading material.


Salman Rushdie's India visit sparks protest

A conservative Islamic seminary has called upon the Indian government to stop the British author's scheduled trip to India.

Canada 'honor killings' on trial

TORONTO — The alleged “honor killing” of three teenage daughters by their Afghan-born parents has shocked a country that prizes multiculturalism.

Indonesia police shave punks to 'restore morals'

Police in Aceh state, Indonesia, forcibly shaved and bathed more than 60 people arrested at a concert for the supposed offense of being "punks."
Acehnese punk14Enlarge
An Acehnese punker with Mohawk hairstyle in Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia. (Fauzan Ijazah/GlobalPost)

Some 64 Indonesians have been given an unwanted make-over as part of the authorities' treatment for a "new social disease": punk rock.

The punks, ranging from teenagers to people in their 30s, were arrested at a charity concert last weekend in the town of Banda Aceh, in the country's conservative Aceh state, the Jakarta Globe reported.

They were taken to a police school Tuesday for a forcible "re-education."

State police chief Iskandar Hasan told the Globe what that would involve:

"There will be a traditional ceremony. First their hair will be cut. Then they will be tossed into a pool. The women’s hair we’ll cut in the fashion of a female police officer. Then we’ll teach them a lesson.

"We’ll change their disgusting clothes. We’ll replace them with nice clothes. We’ll give them toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, sandals and prayer gear."

The punks—who have not been charged with any crime—were to be held at the facility for a further 10 days for "rehabilitation" and religious training, according to Hasan.


Suspected Jewish extremists burn Jerusalem's Nebi Akasha mosque

The Nebi Akasha mosque was also defaced with racist graffiti, including "A good Arab is a dead Arab" and "Muhammad is a pig."

Cambridge schools give day off for Muslim holiday

It is believed to be first time a school district in Massachusetts has given students a day off for a Muslim holiday.

Anti-sharia conference finds new home, loses key speaker

Anti-sharia organizers' switch from a hotel to a church causes their key speaker to protest.
Organizers of an anti-sharia conference found a new home for the event after a Nashville hotel canceled its contract last week out of fear it could attract protests and affect business

Sarajevo US embassy attack: 15 Islamists arrested in Serbia

Police in Serbia say they arrested 15 people early Saturday, the day after a gunman with suspected links to a radical Islamist group opened fire on the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Saudi Arabia announces Tuesday start of Eid al-Fitr holiday

In Saudi Arabia and the UAE, a sliver of the new moon was sighted after dusk on Monday.
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