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Iran's parliament says Ahmadinejad's oil ministry takeover was illegal

The parliament's vote against Ahmadinejad was the most recent development in the escalating tension between Iran's president and his onetime mentor, the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Luxury hotels compete for the Muslim market

DUBAI — Hotel owners across the Middle East are designing hotels that cater to Muslim guests by adhering to Shariah, or Islamic, law.

Indonesian hardliners can't let bin Laden go

JAKARTA — Still, many on the streets of Jakarta say bin Laden’s death is positive. They hope it will restore the image if Islam as a religion of peace.

Pakistani men acquitted over Mukhtaran Mai's rape case

The 2002 case drew international attention because the victim chose to speak out about her ordeal and thereby became a symbol of the fight for women's rights in Pakistan. She was named one of the TIME's Asia Heroes in 2004.

How Bohra Muslims set themselves apart

MUMBAI — The brightly colored garb worn by traditional Bohra women is one of the many ways the community differentiates itself from other Muslims.

Veil ban to take effect in France

PARIS — Critics say President Sarkozy is using the religion debate to obscure the reality that his ruling party is lagging in polls.
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