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Israeli media inflate number of mourners turning out to see Sharon

JERUSALEM — The media turned out in force yesterday, and reading its reports you'd think the public had, too. Not so much.

Ariel Sharon's complicated legacy: 'The Bulldozer' to some, 'Butcher of Beirut' to others

Admired by some and reviled by others, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon earned many nicknames during his tenure.

The US National Guard protects America. Oh, and Israel too

RAMLE — The US National Guard Bureau and Israel’s Home Front Command are ostensibly bodies that handle only internal matters. But they have each made an exception for the other: their relationship spans almost every area of activity, including 31 joint events in fiscal year 2013.

Israel denies Hamas shot drone down over Gaza

Israel has said that a drone that crash landed in Gaza on Sunday was not shot down by militants.

Hezbollah accuses endangered Israeli eagle of spying

Hezbollah seizes an Israeli eagle that it accuses of spying.

Ali Mansouri, Belgian-Iranian national, arrested for spying in Israel

A alleged Iranian agent was arrested in Israel as he tried to leave the country on September 11, 2013.

Hezbollah convoy in Syria destroyed by Israeli airstrike

An Israeli airstrike destroyed a convoy in Syria allegedly carrying weapons to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah Friday, Israel officials claimed.

Gaza: Israeli airstrike kills Palestinian, injures another

An Israeli airstrike killed a Palestinian militant in Gaza City Tuesday in the first such strike since a ceasefire in November.

Open skies deal sees airline strikes, protests in Israel

Employees of Israeli airlines prostested and went on strike after the government approved a deal allowing for foreign competition in the airline market.

This hospital in Israel is perfect for a horror movie

NAHARIYA, Israel — Western Galilee Hospital, perhaps the world's most elaborately outfitted medical center, seems to portend terror. It can be sealed off in stages, for one thing. These days it tends to wounded Syrians.
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