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Divisions over Iran could delay progress on Middle East peace

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew back Wednesday from a seven-hour meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry  — and had virtually nothing to report. Per Kerry’s unprecedented requisite not to disclose details of the talks, specifics have been scarce. But Israeli media overwhelmingly reported that Netanyahu is resisting Kerry's entreaties on the subject of Iran's nuclear program. And some fret that a disagreement could threaten the progress of fragile peace negotiations.

After Rouhani and Obama phone call, Netanyahu leaves the cartoon bombs at home

JERUSALEM — Last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made sure his presence at the United Nations General Assembly would be memorable: he delivered a fiery admonition against Iran's nuclear ambitions, punctuated by the breakout moment when he flashed a cartoonish drawing of a bomb — symbolizing Iran’s nuclear program — upon which he drew a thick red line. A different Netanyahu — sober, quieter — appeared at this year's UNGA.

Israel defense minister says sanctions won't stop Iran nuclear ambitions

Israel's defense minister Ehud Barak said Sunday that he doesn't think current sanctions on Iran will stop it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Citizens of Israel and Iran seek to make 'friends,' not war

A viral Tel Aviv page raises the question, can Facebook thwart war between Israel and Iran? Ronny Edry, a 41-year-old graphic designer from Tel Aviv tormented with all the rhetoric about war with Iran, hopes so. He has so far managed to bring tens of thousands of Iranians and Israelis together on the social media site in opposition to conflict.
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