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Polonium found in Arafat's remains, but cause of death still a mystery

JERUSALEM — The findings of a Swiss forensic report released this week are unlikely to resolve the persistent mystery of what — or who — killed the Palestinian leader in 2004 after weeks of illness.

Israeli military destroys another tunnel linking Gaza to Israel

The Israeli military found a second tunnel from Gaza into Israel, which it said militants could use to attack Israelis.

NSA to Israel: Be careful with Americans' private data, please

The National Security Agency has collected raw data from American citizens and shares it with Israel.

In Israel, lone voices support Palestinian prisoner release as necessary for peace

JERUSALEM — No one was surprised when Dr. Adel Misk rushed into the emergency room at Jerusalem's Mukassed Hospital, right behind a stretcher carrying a 73-year-old man with a bullet wound to the head. Though he wasn't on staff, Misk, then 39, was a well-known neurologist.

Israel names 26 Palestinian prisoners to be released

JERUSALEM — The Israeli government Monday released the names of 26 Palestinian prisoners to be freed ahead of fresh peace talks this week. While Palestinians prepared them a hero's welcome, Israeli airwaves were clogged with the voices of bereaved family members, anguished at the imminent release of their loved ones' killers.

Obama meets Israeli and Palestinian negotiators on peace talks

Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators met US president Barack Obama on Tuesday to commence a new round of peace talks.

A not-so-done deal: Israelis and Palestinians trade barbs over peace 'agreement'

JERUSALEM — US Secretary of State John Kerry, a former Massachusetts senator, worked with flinty New England restraint to achieve what many thought impossible: the announcement of the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Down to the wire: Kerry announces agreement to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

JERUSALEM — US Secretary of State John Kerry announced Friday that an agreement has been reached between Israelis and Palestinians that will form the basis of fresh negotiations to resolve the decades-old conflict. 

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks: What does each side want?

JERUSALEM — Following a flurry of media reports in Israel and the Palestinian territories Thursday, analysts in Ramallah and in Jerusalem predicted that US Secretary of State John Kerry, currently in the region, would announce the resumption of peace talks Friday morning.

Palestinian official on fresh peace talks: 'It's definitely happening'

RAMALLAH — High-level Palestinian officials in Ramallah say they are confident fresh peace negotiations with Israel will be announced soon.
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