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Israeli military sees first fatality in week of strikes

The Israeli military saw its first fatality in week of conflict when a soldier in southern Israel was killed Tuesday.

Gaza: The conflict heard round the world

BOSTON — As divided Israelis and Palestinians are, the world is equally split. But where do those divisions lie and what do they mean for the ongoing conflict, now in its seventh day? Reported by GlobalPost correspondents around the planet, here's a look at how people and governments are reacting to the most recent unrest in the Middle East.

Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel, says Hamas official Ayman Taha: report

A Hamas official said a cease-fire had been reached, while Israeli officials denied any agreement.

Egypt's Morsi says Israeli strikes on Gaza will end today

As mediators push Israel and Hamas to agree a cease-fire in Gaza, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has said that Israeli "aggression" will soon be over.

Chatter: Israel halts ground offensive in Gaza as Clinton, Ban join truce talks

The world waits to see if Israel and Hamas can agree a cease-fire, rebels advance in DR Congo, and China's next top model is... unexpected.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
The world waits to see if Israel and Hamas can agree a cease-fire, rebels advance in DR Congo, and China's next top model is... unexpected.

Drones: 'Killer robots' wage Israel-Gaza violence

Human Rights Watch has released a new report questioning the morality of drones against the backdrop of another Israel-Palestine war.
Israel explosion Pillar DefenseEnlarge
Israeli soldiers prepare an artillery emplacement overlooking Gaza on November 19, 2012 on Israel's border with the Gaza Strip. The death toll has risen to at least 85 killed in the air strikes, according to hospital officials, on day six since the launch of operation 'Pillar of Defense.' (Christopher Furlong/AFP/Getty Images)

The buzz of Israeli drones over Gaza City is an unmistakable part of the din of war between Israel and Gaza now heading into its seventh day. The whole of Gaza knows the drones are there as Israel's eyes in the sky — and sometimes the source of deadly missiles raining down on the densely populated area.


Trapped in Gaza

GAZA CITY — The death toll from an Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip reached 100 Monday night, making it the deadliest day of the conflict and deepening a six-day-long crisis that shows no sign of relenting. Gaza residents say the assault has left them with nowhere to hide.

Iron Dome: Israel’s game-changer

JERUSALEM — Israel’s Iron Dome is a game-changing device that may also be safeguarding Israel's political panorama — and even its immediate military future. Experts agree that between 75 percent and 90 percent of incoming missiles have successfully been intercepted by the near miraculous system.
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