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Israel defense minister says sanctions won't stop Iran nuclear ambitions

Israel's defense minister Ehud Barak said Sunday that he doesn't think current sanctions on Iran will stop it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

ICC says it has no jurisdiction to look at alleged Gaza war crimes

The International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected a Palestinian Authority proposal to begin a permanent war crimes tribunal to investigate the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip that began in December 2008.

Israel's 'Big Brother' becomes a hotbed of political debate

The hugely popular Israeli version of the reality show 'Big Brother' has turned into a hotbed of political debate since the 27-year-old Tel Aviv-based artist, Saar Szekely, arrived on the show in January.

Israel: Soccer hooligans start racist chants (VIDEO)

The incident took place on Monday at the Malha shopping center, after a soccer game at the nearby Teddy stadium. The soccer fans reportedly assaulted Arab cleaning staff at the mall.

IDF cracks down on weekly magazine after article shows soldiers in drag

Israeli military weekly "Bamahane" is in trouble after running an article about soliders who double as drag queens while off-duty.

Israel’s first SlutWalk: Proud to be a sharmuta

Next week, Israel will join Canadian women to protest the habit of blaming sexual harassment or even rape on a woman's appearance.
SlutWalkers in action. New York City's Union Square, October 2011. (SlutWalk/Wikimedia commons)

Sluts of the world, unite.

Or, as they say in Israel: "Be proud to be a sharmuta,” which is a Hebrew slang term for a woman who is sexually open.

Tel Aviv will host its first SlutWalk on March 16 and join a series of marches around the world in which women protest against male-dominated society's habit of blaming sexual harassment, or even rape, on a woman's appearance, Haaretz reports.

Yaara Lieberman-Kalif, an organizer of the Tel Aviv march, says that the effort in Israel started in Jerusalem.

"We hope it will be like it was abroad," she says.

"We will not ask anyone to come wearing revealing clothes, because the goal of this march is the opposite of coercion, it is to highlight the option of every woman (and man) to dress as she wishes, without social criticism."

The goal of using the rather blunt word "sharmuta" is to remove its negative connotation and present in a positive light feminine sexual openness, which is no less natural and legitimate than masculine sexual openness, said Lieberman-Kalif in the Haaretz interview.

Canadian women organized the first SlutWalks a year ago in Toronto, after a policeman said at a crime prevention safety forum that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized."

A march was organized to protest his wording, which reflected a commonly held view that a woman who dresses in what is considered sexy attire is basically asking for rape, harassment or any other degrading, abusive and criminal treatment.

Since last year, SlutWalks have been organized in Canada, the US and Singapore. This month will see SlutWalks, or Mitzad Sharmutot in Hebrew, in Tel Aviv, followed by one in Haifa a week later.


Israel reacts to Obama's AIPAC speech (VIDEO)

Anti-war protesters were joined by the "Occupy AIPAC" movement while they protested outside the venue, expressing their fears that the pro-Israel lobby would push for war with Iran.

Obama, Netanyahu talk about Iran (VIDEO)

The meeting came a day after President Obama sought to reassure Israel of America's support but warned that there was "too much loose talk of war."

Thailand arrests 3 Iranians over Bangkok bombings, 4th suspect wanted

Two Iranian men have been charged with "causing an illegal explosion in a public area and attempting to kill police officers and members of the public," according to Thai officials.
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