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Tokyo's Summer Olympics bid to include quake-hit areas

Tsunekazu Takeda, the Japan Olympic Committee chief, said he wants the 2020 Summer Games to be a “symbol of recovery” for Japan.

Japan restricts green tea shipments because of radiation contamination

Green tea leaves are the most recent Japanese agricultural product to be affected by problems surrounding the still-damaged Fukushima plant

Japanese prime minister survives no-confidence vote (VIDEO)

His resignation would force Japan to elect its sixth prime minister in five years.

Major earthquake jolts Japan, as Fukushima evacuation zone widened (VIDEO)

The quake swayed buildings in Tokyo and triggered several landslides in the city of Iwaki, including one that buried three houses and trapped four people inside.
Chinese yuan notes Enlarge
A Chinese bank worker counts a stack of 100-yuan notes at a bank in Hefei, east China's Anhui province on February 27, 2011. (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

The headlines are popping today as China has "officially" usurped Japan as the world's second-largest economy.

The reason, of course, is part of a longer-term trend: Japan is hurting; China is growing.

Here's how the New York Times artfully spelled it out today:

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