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Japan launches first commercial satellite

The H-2A rocket blasted off from the space centre on Japan’s southern island of Tanegashima on schedule at 1:39 am local time on Friday.

Japanese deep-sea drilling breaks depth record

A Japanese drilling boat conducting research into last year's tsunami says that it set a world record for the deepest ocean probe at over 25,000 feet.

Japan court clears Ichiro Ozawa in funding scandal

Prosecutors had called for a three-year prison sentence for Ichiro Ozawa, arguing that the 69-year-old had conspired with political aides to conceal money he had lent the group to finance a $4.9 million real estate purchase.

Nintendo posts first ever annual loss

The Kyoto-based firm behind the Wii and hand-held 3DS consoles posted a net loss of 43.2 billion yen ($533 million) for the business year just ended after sales dropped 36 percent and strong yen made exports more expensive.

Japan, China and South Korea in investment deal

Japan’s foreign ministry said the agreement – which has been discussed for almost a decade and under negotiation since 2007 – would “add momentum” to work towards a trade deal. 

Today is March 14. That's exactly one month after Valentine's Day and if you are in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan or China, you know exactly what that means.

It's White Day.

Since in the countries above, Valentine's Day is a holiday where women give chocolates, or other gifts to men, White Day is the when men reciprocate the kindness.

Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, jewelry, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows.

Sometimes the term sanbai gaeshi (literally, "triple the return") is used to describe the generally recited rule that the return gift should be two to three times the cost of the Valentine's gift.

If you are not really into that, you can celebrate another holiday.

Today is also Pi Day, a holiday commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi).


Japan reports record current account shortfall

Japan's finance ministry said the data represents the first negative figure since January 2009, when the country recorded its previous record deficit of 132.7 billion yen at the height of the global financial crisis.

Future flood threat to British nuclear reactors

Report says many will be underwater due to rising sea levels
Sizewell floodEnlarge
It isn't fire that is a threat to some British nuclear plants like Sizewell, it's flooding from rising sea levels. (Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images)

A year ago, the world was watching Japan wrestle with the flooded reactors at Fukushima nuclear plant.

The Guardian newspaper has obtained, under a Freedom of Information request, a report partially published two months ago detailing the risks to 12 of 19 nuclear plant sites in the country.

It is the older ones right on the sea cost that are cause for concern. Global warming has led to a rise in sea levels around this island.


Japan: Prosecutors charge Olympus and former executives

The charges come four months after the firm admitted covering up massive investment losses incurred in the late 1980s bubble economy for as long as 20 years.
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