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French far right leader is convicted for WWII remarks

Far right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was convicted Thursday for "contesting crimes against humanity," after saying that that the Nazi occupation of France was "not especially inhumane."

The French and the euro: not so happy anniversary

On 10th anniversary of euro going into circulation a poll shows a majority of the French think the single currency is bad for the country
Le penEnlarge
Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate of France's far right National Front at a Christmas market last month. An anti-euro campaigner, will she be able to win extra votes out of French disillusionment with the single currency. (FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Exactly ten years ago, the first euro coins and notes began to circulate around Europe. To mark the occasion the newspaper Journal du Dimanche commissioned a poll from Ifop on French attitudes to the single currency. The results are not encouraging for political leaders.

A majority of those polled, almost two-thirds, say the euro is not good for France or for them personally. There is a generational shift underlying this view. Anti-euro feeling is highest among the young. The over-65's are more likely to view the euro positively.

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