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USAID's partnership with GE in Kenya will help health facilities buy high-tech equipment

Under the financing agreement, the medical equipment — including ultrasound and MRI machines — has to be purchased from General Electric.
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A picture taken on December 19, 2013 at a hospital in Nairobi shows a Kenyan nurse attending to four newly born babies squeezed in an incubator due to doctors and nurses strike. Kenya health workers went on strike on December 10 protesting the government decision to devolve services, including their pay, to 47 counties. (Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images)

Health care providers in Kenya will soon have a much better shot at getting a bank loan to buy high-tech medical equipment — as long as the machines are made by General Electric.

Earlier this year, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a partnership with the industrial behemoth that will make up to $10 million in credit available for Kenyan health facilities to buy its medical products, including ultrasound and MRI machines. It’s the first time the agency has partnered with a multinational company to extend credit guarantees that unlock local financing.

USAID says the partnership will help smaller clinics and hospitals get much-needed equipment to expand diagnostic and other essential health services. 


Say goodbye to Kenya's 'nursery for terrorists'

NAIROBI — The Westgate Mall terror attack may be fading from global headlines, but the political effects of the deadly assault continue to reverberate across East Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees are set to return home after Kenya and Somalia signed an agreement less than two months since a Somali terrorist group attacked the Nairobi shopping mall killing at least 67 people.

Norwegian Hussan Abdi Dhuhulow identified as one of Westgate terrorists (VIDEO)

One of the suspects in the Westgate mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, has been identified as a 23-year-old Norwegian citizen.

The last days of Kenya's 'Lunatic Line'

NAIROBI — Were it not for a single, narrow-gauge railway track built more than a century ago, it’s fair to say modern Kenya as we know it wouldn’t exist. The idea of a massive rail project was considered so crazy back in 1896, when British colonizers began work on the track, that it was nicknamed the 'Lunatic Line.'

5 reasons Al Shabaab militants attacked Kenya

NAIROBI — Struggling to make sense of the high-profile attack against a Nairobi mall? Here's why Al Shabaab launched the assault.

Kenya finds massive aquifers in arid Turkana region

Two large aquifers have been discovered in Kenya's bone-dry Turkana region.

Kenya becomes first country to withdraw from International Criminal Court

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya today became the first state to quit the International Criminal Court, in a move to show support for the country's political leaders, who are due to be tried for crimes against humanity, and that marks a blow against international justice.

How will the Nairobi airport fire affect Kenya's economy? (VIDEO)

NAIROBI — A devastating fire at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Wednesday left thousands of travelers stranded across the globe and is threatening to unseat the East African city as the region’s premier transport hub. 

Spanish aid workers kidnapped by Somali militants set free

Two Spanish aid workers for Doctors Without Borders were freed by Somali kidnappers on Thursday.
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