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Kim Jong Un: Dead or alive

Rumors have been swirling around Twitter and its Chinese counterpart, Weibo, that North Korea's young new leader has died.

China ships rice to North Korea after Kim Jong Il's death

Kim Jong Il's death might have been good news to the hungry citizens of North Korea.
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China is shipping rice to North Korea, where malnutrition for children is still high. Here, children attend a nursery with special food provided by the World Food Program in Pyongyang. (Gerald Bourke/Getty Images)

A Japanese newspaper reports that China has initiated big shipments of rice to the Hermit Kingdom in recent days, something it agreed to do only after the Dear Leader departed.

The Tokyo Shimbun reported that China's president and others decided in late December to begin massive food shipments to North Korea in the wake of Kim Jong Il's death. AFP says shipments were made over 10 days earlier this month, before the Chinese New Year.

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It's unclear how Kim's son and successor was involved in making the deal with China for food aid, but one of China's interests doesn't seem to have changed. With its own political power transition afoot, China remains set on maintaining stability in North Korea and preventing a flood of refugees.

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Following large-scale North Korean refugee incursions during recent famines, the Chinese government has made a practice in recent years of returning North Koreans to their country when they're caught here. Returnees faced punishment and possible death back home, and China's unspoken policy seems to have stemmed the tide of North Koreans.

Rice shipments might ensure that fewer people feel compelled to leave during the leadership transition. 

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North Korea punishes insincere mourners

Those thought to be circulating rumors of criticism of the third generation of North Korea's authoritarian dynasty are banished.

Kim Jong Il's body to go on permanent display in Pyongyang

"Great leader Kim Jong Il will be preserved to look the same as when he was alive," North Korea's state news agency reported.

North Korea to release prisoners for dead leaders' birthdays

Pyongyang's KCNA news agency said the amnesty was a fitting tribute to the "noble, benevolent and all-embracing politics" of late leaders Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung.

North Korea marks Kim Jong Un's birthday with special video

Kim Jong Un wrote his first thesis on military strategy when he was 16, the documentary claimed, and was hailed by his late father Kim Jong Il as "the multi-talented, genius of the geniuses in military knowledge."

Ex-North Korea propaganda artist Song Byeok debuts in US

Song’s works draw on the visual themes of North Korea’s humorless propaganda machine, crossing them with a vivid palette and a playful absurdity.

Lee Myung Bak, South Korea president, sees 'turning point' for Koreas

In a televised new year address, Lee Myung Bak said he saw a "window of opportunity" for better relations with the North – but warned Seoul would "strongly respond" if Pyongyang's new leaders proved to be aggressive.

Kim Jong Il's funeral procession decoded

SEOUL — For a correspondent who witnessed the funeral in 1994 for Kim Il Sung, the long ruling “great leader,” the funeral for his son, “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il was, if not exactly déjà vu, at least familiar.

North Korea holds funeral for Kim Jong Il (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

State television footage showed crowds of mourners lining the wintry streets as a black hearse carrying Kim's coffin, escorted by his son and heir Kim Jong Un, was taken to the national palace.
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