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Kim Jong Un hailed 'Supreme Leader' by military

The North Korean military hailed Kim Jong Un, the country’s new leader, its “supreme leader,” the Associated Press reported. The support of the military is considered crucial during this time, when Kim Jong Un is taking over the country less than a week after his father, Kim Jong Il died.

North Korea's funeral politics

SEOUL — South Korea is to permit two widows whose husbands had unique, tragically interwoven records in pursuing rapprochement between South and North to lead their own “condolence delegations.”

"Outstanding Leader:" Kim Jong Un gets nickname

This is being seen by observers as an attempt by the government to build support for the new leader and encourage a smooth transition of power. It also builds a cult of personality around the leader.

China condones Kim dynasty

NEW YORK — Unhappy as China may be, it gave its de facto blessing to the continuation of the Kim dynasty.

Princess Tenko, Kim Jong Il's favorite magician, invited to his funeral

Kim Jong Il hosted Japanese magician Princess Tenko in North Korea, and tried to prevent her from leaving the country.
Princess tenko kim jong il 12 22 2011Enlarge
The late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was a big fan of Japanese illusionist Tenko Hikita aka "Princess Tenko." (KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Kim Jong Il's favorite magician, a Japanese woman who goes by the stage name Princess Tenko, has been invited to attend his funeral in North Korea — even though Pyongyang has announced that no foreign dignitaries will be allowed to come and pay respects.

Princess Tenko (also known as Tenko Hikita), 51, performed magic shows in North Korea in 1998 and 2000 and attended numerous private dinners hosted by Kim, who died last weekend. She is renowned for her elaborate costumes and doll make-up.


North Korea: "Natural wonders" observed when Kim Jong Il died

When Kim Jong Il died, the holiest mountain glowed red, according to state media.
North korea natural wonders 12 22 2011Enlarge
North Korean commuters wait for a bus beneath posters showing Mount Paekdu and the Kim Jong-Il flower in the North Korea capital, Pyongyang. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

The day that Kim Jong Il died, the peak of North Korea's holiest mountain glowed red and a sheet of ice cracked on Heaven Lake, shaking the area with an unusually loud noise.

These were among the "peculiar natural wonders" observed around Kim's death, according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).


China: Kim Jong Il gets snarky farewell

BEIJING — On the internet, many Chinese ridicule the dead North Korean leader, the wailing mourners and the Beijing government’s effusive grieving on behalf of “the Chinese people.”

Kim Jong Il dead: Does South Korea care?

SEOUL — But that doesn't mean the South is controversy-free. Recriminations fly over whether and how to send condolences to Kim Jong Il's funeral on Dec. 28.

Kim Jong Un "to share power with military and uncle": report

Jang Song-thaek, 65, is the brother-in-law of Kim Jong Il and has been described as a charismatic man with powerful political and military connections. In 2009, he was appointed to the National Defense Commission, the supreme leadership council that Kim Jong Il led.
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