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The Kate Middleton of North Korea: Meet Kim Jong Un’s wife

SEOUL — In tabloids, the wife of the North Korean dictator has achieved an unusual degree of celebrity. She is, in as sense, the Kate Middleton of North Korea, and perhaps the nation’s second most iconic millennial-generation member, behind her husband, Kim Jong Un. For months, publications have been quick to release “details” of the singer’s supposed home-made pornography. These rumors are almost certainly untrue.

Propaganda balloons carry rumors of a North Korean porno

For more than 60 years, North and South Korea have been divided along the demilitarized zone, or the DMZ. Barriers prevent South Koreans from communicating directly with their  brethren to the north. To surmount this, human rights activists in the South have gotten creative. One method: releasing balloons that carry messages across the border. Recently, the campaign went raunchy. 

Wanna do business in North Korea? Good luck!

SEOUL — For foreign investors, North Korea has long been akin to a dark, forbidden outpost in a distant galaxy. It is among the most difficult countries to navigate. Its dictator, Kim Jong Un, oversees a heavily sanctioned nation and, by some measures, one of the poorest and most corrupt. Yet recent reforms have attracted a small group of intrepid entrepreneurs. Here are the challenges they face.

North Korea threatens a 'terrible disaster'

SEOUL — As US-Korean military exercises commence, Kim Jong Un's regime launches a rare personal attack against South Korea's president.

How North Korea is celebrating the war you never knew it won

While the rest of the world may see the Korean War as a draw, North Korea fetes it like a win.

SEOUL, South Korea — This week, North Korea is celebrating.

An auspicious date approaches. Saturday marks the 60th anniversary of the armistice that halted the Korean War of 1950 to 1953.

Americans know the conflict as the “Forgotten War,” a devastating campaign that left 36,000 of their servicemen dead and ended in a draw.

But North Koreans have a different view of the conflict, in which they claim victory. The “Great Fatherland Liberation War,” as they call it, was a crusade to unify the Korean peninsula under a communist rule.

Since the fighting ended in an armistice and not a peace treaty, both sides are technically still at war.

This week, the isolated state is rolling out the red carpet for its war heroes. Here’s a look at the festivities.


Chatter: North Korea's rockets on stand-by

Kim Jong Un orders North Korea's rockets ready for action, a Taliban suicide bomber strikes in Pakistan, Nelson Mandela is said to be "doing well" in hospital, and we learn what a Whizzinator's for.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
Kim Jong Un orders North Korea's rockets ready for action, a Taliban suicide bomber strikes in Pakistan, Nelson Mandela is said to be "doing well" in hospital, and we learn what a Whizzinator's for.

Dennis Rodman declares Kim Jong Un 'friend for life' (VIDEO)

"He's such a proud man. His country like him – not like him, love him... I love him," said Dennis Rodman after his dinner with Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un wants North Korea to launch more rockets

North Korea's supreme leader has urged scientists to develop bigger and better rockets after their recent successful launch.

North Korea: Kim Jong Il's sushi chef dishes out

TOKYO — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will defy international opinion and push ahead with a rocket launch planned for this month because he wants to honor the memory of his father, said Kenji Fujimoto, the Kim family’s sushi chef for 13 years before he fled to his native Japan.

South Korean, Chinese papers fall for The Onion's Kim Jong Un spoof

The Korea Times thinks the North Korean leader really IS the sexiest man alive.
Kim Jong Un sexiest man alive The Onion 27 11 2012Enlarge
Attention! This news is fake. (People's Daily Online/Screengrab)
There are still people who don't know The Onion writes satire.
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