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US sends second warship to Asia-Pacific as tensions rise with North Korea

The US military deployed a second guided-missile destroyer to the Asia-Pacific region, as UN chief Ban Ki-moon said the North Korea crisis had "gone too far."

North Korea claims it will restart shuttered Yongbyon nuclear reactor

SEOUL — North Korea has said it plans to restart its shuttered nuclear facilities, including the Yongbyon nuclear reactor — a threat analysts in the South say should be taken seriously. The United States, meanwhile, has ramped up its military presence with two warships off the Korean Peninsula.

US stealth bombers fly over South Korea in joint military exercises

SEOUL — Two US B-2 stealth bombers participating in South Korean-US military exercises flew round trip from Whiteman Air Force base in Missouri to South Korea and dropped dummy ordnance on targets there, the US military announced Thursday.

China warns US against 'antagonizing' North Korea

China cautioned the United States against beefing up its missile defense against North Korea in the wake of recent tension on the East Asian peninsula, and urged Washington leaders to act "prudently" as they moved to address the political issue.

Hagel: US to beef up missile defense over North Korea

The US plans to beef up its missile defenses in response to growing threats from North Korea.

For South Korea’s first female president, a baptism by fire

SEOUL — South Korean President Park Geun-hye faces war threats from North Korea and gridlock in her own country's parliament.

Full coverage: Rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula

On both sides of the border the saber rattling intensifies as North Korea ramps up its fiery rhetoric and the United States and South Korea engage in joint military drills. Here's GlobalPost's full coverage of one of the world's most dangerous neighborhoods.

North Korea: All talk, no action?

SEOUL — We've heard the rhetoric before. But this time there may be cause for concern, especially after recent North Korean threats to strike disputed territory in the Yellow Sea.

Why China won't turn its back on North Korea

HONG KONG — There’s a reason people in China often refer to North Korea as “little brother.”
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