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Kurdish men dress in drag to support gender equality

The campaign, entitled 'Kurd Men for Equality' is a response to a sentence given to a man found guilty by the Marivan County tribunal court on 15 April. The campaign's tagline reads: ‘Being a woman is not a way for humiliation or punishment.’

Turkey admits to mistake in air strike that killed Kurdish smugglers (VIDEO)

The ruling Justice and Development Party said officials were looking into possible "intelligence failures," adding the incident could have been an "operational accident" by the Turkish military.

UPDATE: Turkish military kill 49 Kurdish rebels in large offensive

Turkish President Abdullah Gül descibed the military offensive as retribution to the PKK-led attack that left at least 24 Turkish soldiers dead

Ahead of elections, Turkey's Kurds step up demands for reform

ISTANBUL — While Turkey’s PM has echoed the calls for change, his critics say his tolerance for dissent applies only outside Turkey.
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