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Falklands referendum: Islanders to vote on sovereignty

"We are holding this referendum not because we have any doubts about who we are and what future we want," Falklands politician Gavin Short said, "but to show the world just how very certain we are about that."

Sean Penn wades into Falkland Islands ruckus

Actor calls British deployment of Prince William to disputed islands "archaic colonialism."
Sean pennEnlarge
Sean Penn on a recent tour of South America (PABLO PORCIUNCULA/AFP/Getty Images)

It is Sean Penn's curse to be a man of multiple extraordinary talents. He is arguably the greatest actor of his golden generation (This includes: George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt - all of them born within three years of each other). The films he directs show a deep understanding of the parts of American society that tend to be examined only in the songs of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle.

Yet somewhere inside Sean Penn there is an op-ed columnist or Pacifica radio talk-show host yearning to break free.

Penn's vociferous activism for left wing causes frequently takes the shape of advocacy journalism. This explains his recent interest in the revived British-Argentine dispute over the Falkland Islands, or Las Malvinas, as Argentina calls them, which broke out recently while the actor was in Buenos Aires. Penn made some comments about Prince William's current deployment to the Falklands as an example of "archaic colonialism."


Falkland War anniversary, deja vu all over again

30th anniversary of Falkland War between Britain and Argentina is approaching and the two nations resume verbal sparring.
Falkland anniversaryEnlarge
The Falklands conflict must have seem like ancient history to this young British soldier in 2000. But it is still a source of tension between Britain and Argentina. (AFP/Getty Images)

The Falkland Islands is an archipelago in the South Atlantic around 290 miles off the coast of Argentina. They have been a British Overseas Territory since 1833 and today a little over 3,000 British people live there. But Argentina has always laid claim to the Falklands calling them Las Malvinas islands.

Thirty years ago this led to war.

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