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Latin America: The cost of murder

LIMA — The human toll of Latin America’s unwanted status as the most homicidal region on Earth has long been all too clear. But experts are now focusing on the staggering economic cost of bloodshed that’s left more than 1 million people dead in the region since 2000. GlobalPost takes a closer look.

Venezuelan police kill Chilean diplomat's daughter

Twelve officers have been arrested after the fatal shooting on Friday.
Karen berendique 0Enlarge
Chilean Consul Fernando Berendique (R) carries, with relatives and friends, the coffin of his daughter Karen Vanessa Berendique, who was shot dead earlier on March 17, 2012, in her car in a confused incident that is being investigated by the prosecution, in Maracaibo, state of Venezuela. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)
A Chilean diplomat's teenage daughter was killed by Venezuelan authorities on Friday in a chilling reminder of the country's issues with security and a police force that many believe is part of the problem.
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