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Rockets from Syria land in Lebanon as clerics declare jihad against Assad

Two rockets fired by Syrian rebels landed in a Shiite area of Lebanon Tuesday.

Lebanon PM resignation accepted, violence erupts

Violence erupted in Lebanon Saturday as prime minister Najib Mikati's resignation was accepted by the country's president.

Hezbollah's Nasrallah denies reports of ill-health

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah made a rare television appearance on Wednesday to dispel rumors that he was in ill-health.

Lebanon Justice Ministry rejects civil marriage request

Lebanon's Justice Ministry rejected a request to legalize civil marriage Monday.

Hezbollah chief warns Israel, marking end of religious holiday

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel Sunday that any war with Lebanon would see thousands of rockets fired on Israeli cities.

Beirut: Protesters attempt to storm Lebanese government headquarters

Hundreds of protesters in Beirut are attempting to storm the government headquarters, as Lebanese soldiers attempt to disperse them with by machine gun bullets and volleys of tear gas from Lebanese soldiers.

Lebanon rocked by protest a day after bomb kills top official

Protests rocked Lebanon Saturday over the killing of the country's top intelligence official yesterday in a massive bomb blast.

Lebanon former minister charged with Syrian bomb plot

Lebanese police have charged former minister Michel Samaha with a bomb plot organized by Syria.

Syrian rebel group claims kidnap of Lebanese Shia pilgrims

About a dozen Lebanese men were kidnapped by gunmen earlier this month while travelling by bus in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, a stronghold of the mainly Sunni Muslim opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s Shi’ite regime.

Lebanon: Abused Ethiopian maid kills herself (VIDEO)

BEIRUT — Alem Dechasa, the maid, was filmed being dragged by her hair and beaten by Ali Mahfouz outside the Ethiopian consulate in Beirut. Mahfouz then is seen shoving the struggling Dechasa into the back door of his BMW. The video sparked a controversy and threw light onto a persistent problem of abuse faced by some of the estimated 200,000 migrant workers in Lebanon.
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