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Reflecting on the pursuit of equality and non-discrimination on LGBT Day

Commentary: Fallacious claims about homosexuality prevail in 76 UN-member countries.
Gays 05 15 2013Enlarge
Anti-gay beliefs are often based on false claims. (Norberto Duarte/AFP/Getty Images)
Every year on May 17, people all around the world celebrate the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, while reflecting how to achieve full equality and non-discrimination. In Cameroon, a young man was sentenced to three years in prison for sending a text message to another man, saying “I’ve fallen in love with you.” The young man’s brave lawyer received emails and text messages threatening to kill his wife and kids. When the lawyer showed the death threats to the police, their response was, “Stop defending gays and you will be fine.” So in Cameroon you can end up behind bars for sending a message of love, but the authorities look the other way when someone threatens to kill children.

Conservative French MP accidentally votes for gay marriage

“There were three buttons flashing, and yes, I pressed the wrong button! I went to the services of the Assembly to correct my vote,” UMP party member Henri Guaino told Le Lab.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan: gay people only ‘entitled to friendship’

A recent ABC poll found that 60 percent of American Catholics think the church is out of touch with their concerns.

Dutch lesbian couple in hiding as foster son’s Turkish parents escalate complaints

The Dutch vice prime minister, Lodewijk Asscher, said today that political interference from Turkey would be "inappropriate,” the AP reported.

Coy Mathis, transgender 1st grader, banned from using girls’ bathroom

"I'm certain you can appreciate that as Coy grows older and his male genitals develop along with the rest of his body, at least some parents and students are likely to become uncomfortable with his continued use of the girls' restroom," school officials wrote in a letter to the Mathis family, according to the AP.

With Benedict’s resignation, LGBT Catholic group hopes for change

DignityUSA fights for the LGBT Catholic community, stressing the message: “By the grace of God I am what I am.”
San Fernando DignityUSA LGBTEnlarge
St. Matthew’s Church in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, a Lutheran church where the parishioners are members of the San Fernando Valley chapter of DignityUSA, the nation’s largest LGBT Catholic organization. (Sarah Parvini/GlobalPost)

LOS ANGELES — At first glance, the Catholic service held at St. Matthew’s Church is like any other—members of the congregation sing hymns, pray for those in need and send rings of hallelujah throughout the chapel.

But St. Matthew’s is a Lutheran church, not a Catholic one, and the parishioners are members of the San Fernando Valley chapter of DignityUSA, the nation’s largest LGBT Catholic organization that fights for change in the Vatican’s teachings on homosexuality.


Paris prepares for massive pro-gay marriage march (PHOTOS)

Paris is bracing for a massive pro-gay marriage march Sunday, as thousands of activists converged on France's capital to show their support for President Francois Hollande's controversial marriage equality bill.

Same-sex marriage: Liberte, egalite, fraternite — also for French gays?

BRUSSELS — This was one day when it really wasn't “Gay Paree.” The center of Paris was packed with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators converging on the Eiffel Tower to protest government plans to grant marriage and adoption rights to gay couples.

Obama endorses Illinois gay marriage bill

"Were the president still in the Illinois State Legislature, he would support this measure that would treat all Illinois couples equally," White House spokesman Shin Inouye told Reuters.

Maine's gay couples wed at midnight Saturday

Maine's gay couples exchanged their vows for the first time since same-sex marriage was legalized in the state in November.
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