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Taiwan same-sex Buddhist wedding goes off without a hitch

It's another milestone for LGBT rights: on Saturday, two women got married in a traditional Buddhist ceremony in Taiwan, already one of Asia's more gay-friendly nations.

Jerusalem gay pride parade honors shooting victims, remains festive

The unsolved murder at a gay youth center in Tel Aviv was acknowledged but didn't dampen the event.
Israel gay pride parade 2012Enlarge
Israelis participate in the 10th anniversary gay pride parade in Jerusalem on August 2, 2012. Opposition to such events is fiercer in Jerusalem, where religious feelings can run high, than in the more laid-back seaside city of Tel Aviv, but police were out in force to keep the peace. (Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)

JERUSALEM, Israel — Jerusalem's gay pride parade, which celebrated its tenth anniversary Wednesday, is known as the as the more sober sibling of Tel Aviv's exuberant extravaganza.

This year, someone thought of brightening it up: In the middle of the night, they stealthily crept up to the WELCOME sign that greets all arrivals to the city entrance, a sculpture on the side of the highway leading into town, and painted it in rainbow colors.


New York gay marriage made the city $259M in one year (VIDEO)

One year after passing the Marriage Equality Act, which allowed gay couples to legally marry, New York City has made an estimated $259 million off marriage license applications, money spent by out-of-city guests on hotel rooms, and the wedding industry in general.

Anderson Cooper thanks fans for support on Twitter

The CNN anchor took to Twitter to make his first public statement since coming out as gay.
Anderson cooper gayEnlarge
CNN's anchor and reporter Anderson Cooper confirmed that he is gay, ending years of speculation. (Frederick M. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)
Anderson Cooper took to Twitter Tuesday to thank his fans for their support since he came out as gay in an e-mail to blogger Andrew Sullivan.

Fred Karger, openly gay Republican presidential candidate, ends campaign

Karger did not win a single delegate or a spot in any presidential debate, the LA Times reported.

France to legalize gay marriage in 2013

France has agreed to legalize gay marriage and allow same-sex couples to adopt, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced Friday. The legislation will go into effect in 2013.  Reuters reported that newly elected President Francois Hollande had promised same-sex marriage during his campaign, but had not given a timeline. 

Cuba's gay rights revolution

HAVANA — The Cuban government now touts its record on LGBT rights, but its history bears many wounds for gay Cubans. For years following the successful socialist overthrow of dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959, homosexuals were imprisoned for “re-education,” branded traitors who didn’t fit Che Guevara’s definition of the “new man” who would move the country forward.

GOProud, conservative gay group, endorses Romney

Mitt Romney received an endorsement from GOProud, a gay conservative group, onTuesday night, when the organization's board of director's voted to support the presumptive Republican nominee.

The Pentagon will hold its first-ever gay pride event

The Pentagon is planning its first-ever event to honor gay soldiers during LGBT pride month, less than a year after the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Tracy Thorne-Begland appointed as Virginia's first openly gay judge

Tracy Thorne-Begland's was appointed as Virginia's first openly gay judge on Thursday, after initially being rejected by the General Assembly.
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