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George Boley, Liberian ex-warlord, to be deported from US

Immigration officials said it was the first time the recruitment of child soldiers had been used as grounds for removal from the US.

Charles Taylor was a CIA informant in Liberia: report

Taylor is accused of trading diamonds mined in neighboring Sierra Leone for weapons that fueled rebels in that country’s 1991-2002 civil war, one of Africa’s bloodiest conflicts.

Liberia Election: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf promises reconciliation

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has pledged reconciliation after a run-off election in which she was the only candidate and vowed to include opponents in her second term. 

Run-off election in Liberia subdued day after deadly skirmish

MONROVIA — Low voter-turnout in this small West African nation has marred Tuesday’s runoff election, one day after a bloody confrontation between security forces and opposition supporters.

Liberia election: deadly rioting on eve of run-off vote

Winston Tubman, who came second in a first round, has pulled out of the run-off vote, alleging widespread vote-rigging.

Obstacles cleared for Liberia's runoff poll

MONROVIA — Liberians are anxious but hopeful that the Nov. 8 runoff election will be peaceful and strengthen the country's stability. 

Liberia: Reaction to Sirleaf's Nobel

MONROVIA, Liberia — Reactions were mixed to news that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Profile: Leymah Gbowee wins Nobel Peace Prize (Video)

Leymah Gbowee was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to honor her twork organizing Liberian women to pray for peace and to protest to bring an end to the Second Liberian Civil War.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf slammed by Liberia election candidate

Sirleaf, 72, is Africa's first female elected head of state. She was elected to office in 2005, following the end of Liberia's 14-year civil war.

Liberia: Upcoming elections threaten security

MONROVIA — Liberia's Oct. 11 elections are a test of the nation's security, eight years after a brutal civil war that took more than 250,000 lives. 
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