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Libyan stock exchange opens for first time since anti-Gaddafi uprising

The exchange’s general manager said the market currently has 10 companies on it, with today’s trade coming in at $3 billion.

British journalists handed over in Libya

The pair were held by the Misrata-based Saraya Swehli brigade, who said they had crossed into Libya illegally and were in possession of sensitive materials.

Libya leader rejects eastern autonomy bid

Speaking at a conference in Misrata, Mustafa Abdel Jalil called on key figures in the eastern Cyrenaica region, which holds two-thirds of Libya’s oil reserves, to engage in dialogue, and warned them that former members of the Gadaffi regime were among their ranks.

Libya: UN report investigates war crimes, Gaddafi's death

TRIPOLI — "The authorities are failing to hold accountable revolutionary forces who have committed serious violations, including unlawful killings," according to a UN report to be released March 9.

Libya's media has its own revolution

TRIPOLI — While hundreds of new newspapers, television and radio stations, websites and online forums have sprouted since the revolution began, little of it has been of much use.

Inside Gaddafi's Libya: The Return

SIRTE, Libya — Most of the Libyans who we told our story to seemed to understand the feeling. Almost all had lost friends and family.

Nicholas Davies, Gareth Montgomery-Johnson detained in Libya

During the months long conflict between Muammar Gaddafi's forces and the rebels last year, at least five journalists were killed and up to 50 were detained.

European court says Italy violated migrants' rights by returning them to Italy

The 11 Somalia and 13 Eritrean nationals who filed a complaint with the Strasbourg-based body against Italy were part of a group of 200 migrants, including children and pregnant women, who left Libya aboard three boats trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Scores killed in Libya tribal clashes

Fighting between two ethnic groups – the Arab Zwai and the African Tebu, who complained of discrimination under Gaffafi, – broke out 10 days ago.
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