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"Allah" banned for use by Christian publication in Malaysia

A court in Malaysia ruled on Monday that a Catholic newspaper could not refer to God as "Allah."

Genting Highlands bus crashes in Malaysia’s worst-ever road disaster (PHOTOS)

"The descent was very steep and if the bus was not controlled well it could have skidded and plunged into the ravine. This is the initial assessment of the rescue team," fire department assistant director Datuk Soiman Jahid told Malaysian media.

Indonesia apologizes to Malaysia and Singapore for hazardous smog

"For this incident, I, as President of Indonesia, would like to apologize to Singapore and Malaysia and ask for their understanding. Indonesia did not want this to happen, and we are trying to address this problem responsibly," Yudhoyono said.

Myanmar sectarian violence spills across Malaysian border

The deaths of four Myanmar nationals in Malaysia suggests that Myanmar's religious violence has once again gone international.

Malaysia: Najib Razak names new Cabinet

“Now it is time for all of us, in government and beyond, to put the bitterness behind us, and work towards national reconciliation – and national unity," Najib said.

Malaysia's first-ever 'social media election'

KUALA LUMPUR — As Malaysia gears up for its most tenaciously fought election in more than five decades, the internet is emerging as a new political battleground. This week, a number of online news websites — often critical of the government — and several websites of opposition candidates, including that of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, were the subject of strategic cyber attacks.

Malaysia: 31 Filipinos killed in Borneo

The clan is led by Jamalul Kiram III, who claims to be the sultan of the southern province of Sulu in the Philippines, which is predominantly Muslim.

Standoff between Filipino and Malaysian forces ends in violence

A standoff between over 200 armed Filipinos and Malaysian police in the state of Sabah ended in violence on March 1, as the Filipinos continue to demand that Malaysia return portions of the state to them — against the wishes of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III.

Nick Xenophon, Australian senator, detained and deported from Malaysia

Nick Xenophon, an Australian senator, has been detained and is awaiting deportation from Malaysia after being deemed a "security risk."

Ten endangered pygmy elephants found poisoned in Malaysia

Ten critically endangered Malaysian pygmy elephants were found dead from what appears to be poison in Borneo in the past three weeks — and the mysterious deaths don't appear to be due to ivory poaching.
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