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Call for caretaker president to resign as police block Maldives election

"We believe that the only prudent way forward and the solution is for Waheed to resign and the Speaker of Parliament to take over the government until elections are over," presidential candidate Mohamed Nasheed said.

Maldives coup: Mohamed Nasheed, Godfather of the Arab Spring, falls from grace

BANGKOK — Mohamed Nasheed woke up last Tuesday the President of Maldives. A little over 24 hours later, he was ducking into a convenience store in a desperate attempt to hide from the security forces he had commanded the day before.

Commonwealth and UN visit Maldives to probe allegation of a coup

The UN's Oscar Fernandez-Taranco says it is "extremely important" that the uncertainties surrounding the Maldives' recent change of power be clarified.

Maldives - court warrant intended to 'protect not arrest' ousted president Nasheed, says replacement Waheed

“The home minister has pledged [I will be] the first former president to spend all my life in jail," ousted Maldives president Nasheed reportedly said.

Maldives: Former president Mohamed Nasheed faces arrest warrant (VIDEO)

"The facts on the ground are that tomorrow I will be in jail," said former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed 'resigned at gunpoint'

"I was forced to resign at gunpoint," Nasheed claims. "There were guns all around me and they told me they wouldn't hesitate to use them if I didn't resign."

Fresh calls for Maldives' army to release senior judge Abdulla Mohamed

Maldives' Human Rights Commission says judge’s detention shows obvious shortcomings within the judiciary
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