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Mexican migrant train derailment in Tabasco kills 6, injures 35

A cargo train carrying 300 Mexican migrants to the United States derailed Sunday, killing at least six and injuring 35.

Ancient cave paintings found in northeastern Mexico

Thousands of ancient cave paintings were found by archaeologists in Mexico recently.

Mexico readies evacuation plans as Popocatepetl volcano rumbles louder

Several Mexican states have reportedly been placed on alert as Popocatepetl — or "Popo" as the 17,887-foot volcano is known locally — spews out ash and molten rock.

Mexico's mamas don't want to let babies grow up to be gangsters

MEXICO CITY — Friday marked arguably the most important day on a Mexican calendar that's bulging with patriotic parades, patron saint parties and local lark. But scores of mothers marched this morning through the heart of Mexico City, demanding government action to find the estimated 25,000 people who've gone missing in recent years.

Mexico: Death toll from gas tanker explosion rises to 22

Eleven of the people killed belonged to one family.

Obama's uplifting Mexico speech and the downsides

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Speaking Friday morning to a gathering of elite students, politicians and assorted VIPs with a message aimed at a far less privileged country overall, President Barack Obama described a hopeful Mexico that demands an end to old stereotypes.

Presidents play nice on Obama's visit to Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Wrapping up 90 minutes of talks Thursday afternoon, Presidents Barack Obama and Enrique Peña Nieto told reporters they've agreed to push their countries toward greater economic consolidation while not abandoning Mexico's bloody battle against criminal gangs.

Mexico gets its mummies back

MEXICO CITY — Mexico's migrating mummies have made it home at last. After a hapless and perhaps unprofitable four-year sojourn in the United States, the desiccated corpses of 36 humans have returned to Guanajuato, the central highlands city where their hearts last beat.

The Spanish are coming! Bad economy sends Spaniards packing for Latin America

MEXICO CITY — With Spain in the doldrums, the Latin American influx there is waning, and many Spaniards are doing what Javier Rodriguez did: coming to the Americas, where economic indicators point admirably upward, not down.

Mexico's president meets his match: teachers

MEXICO CITY — After nearly six months of smooth sailing, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's once seemingly unsinkable reform agenda has hit serious headwinds. Striking teachers in the impoverished southern state of Guerrero have launched fierce resistance to Peña's national education reforms, with protests that threaten to spread across southern Mexico at the least. Meanwhile, the opposition National Action Party, or PAN, whose dozen-year hold on Mexico's presidency ended when Peña took office Dec. 1, has suspended active participation in the “Pact for Mexico,” a multiparty alliance that's anchored the government's strategy.
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