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Salt shakers removed from Mexico's tables in effort to reduce intake

Mexico City is encouraging its restaurants to remove salt shakers in an effort to curb consumption.

Spanish tourists gang raped at Mexican beach resort

Six spanish tourists were raped by armed men in Mexico who broke into their beach bungalow.

Nicaragua: Police arrest fake journalists smuggling $7m cash

Police suspect the group has ties to Central American drug gangs who serve as supply lines to Mexico.

Mexico facing an egg shortage due to bird flu

Getting an omelette in Mexico these days has never been more difficult.

How Mexico used banks to uplift the poor

Commentary: Banking reforms help reduce poverty and unemployment among country's lowest earners.
Mexico bank 2012 6 12Enlarge
A Mexican woman walks by a bank in Mexico City. (Luis Acosta /AFP/Getty Images)
WASHINGTON — Ever since its watershed elections in 2000, which ushered in an era of transparent, participatory governance, Mexico has used its banking system to lift the poor into the middle class and reduce poverty. The strategy has been successful: It has provided savings accounts to millions of low-income households and increased incomes in some locations by up to 7 percent.

Fourth army officer held in Mexico drug cartel probe

Four high-ranking Mexican officers – including a former deputy defence minister – have been arrested this week and are accused of involvement with the Beltran Leyva cartel which has smuggled narcotics into the US.

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican novelist, dies aged 83

President Felipe Calderon announced the news on his Twitter account, saying, “I profoundly regret the death of our dear and admired Carlos Fuentes, writer and universal Mexican. 

Mexico police find 49 mutilated bodies on highway

A state security spokesman said a banner found at the site left a threatening message in the name of the well-known Zetas drug cartel.

Wal-Mart bribery: Mexico opens investigation as WMT shares continue to drop

Meanwhile, the man described as the "driving force behind years of bribery" steps down from MetLife to defend his reputation.

US, Canada, and Mexico leaders meet to talk energy and trade

The leaders of the US, Mexico and Canada met Monday in a summit at the White House to discuss energy and trade as gas prices continue to soar.
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