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MI5's strange and humiliating recruitment of British Muslims

LONDON — When officials at Heathrow Airport detained David Miranda — the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald — last summer, they also brought attention to a previously obscure British law. The wide-ranging legal provision enables the authorities to stop virtually anyone at British ports of entry for up to nine hours with no evidence or even suspicion of involvement in crime. For many individuals subjected to the regulation, it's just the beginning of a series of encounters with the security forces.

Charlie Chaplin, the red menace?

MI5 investigated the film comedian at request of FBI
Charlie Chaplin: funny man? or dangerous communist? MI5 thought it was the former. (AFP/Getty Images)

The FBI in the 1940's and 50's was always on the look-out for Commies and Charlie Chaplin was in their sights but today, for the first time, it has been revealed that the Feds asked Britain's domestic security agency MI5 to look into his activities.  MI5 was not worried by Chaplin's politics following the investigation but was rather dismissive of the FBI's motives.


New documents show FBI pressured British spy agency on Charlie Chaplin case

MI5, the British spy agency, helped the FBI retrieve information on silent film star Charlie Chaplin new documents show.
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