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This is what it takes to pack up the US war in Afghanistan

"For size and complexity, think of something in between D-Day and the moon landing.”

US Army likely to implement tough new tattoo restrictions

Tattoos may be something of a coming-of-age ritual for millenial youth, but those aspiring to military careers had better watch out: tough new restrictions on service members' tattoos are now only a signature away.

British court says dead soldiers’ families can sue government

LONDON — Families of soldiers killed in combat may sue the government for damages, Britain’s highest court ruled Wednesday in a surprising decision that may have profound consequences for future military operations.

World military spending dips in 2012, first fall since 1998 (CHART)

The world is spending less on its military but not for altruistic reasons. A bad economy is driving countries to cut their defense budgets.

Europe's army?

BRUSSELS — French military prowess isn't always fully appreciated in the United States. But there are few troops anywhere in the world better prepared for their task than the marines, foreign legionaries, and other elite French units rolling north to confront the Jihadist militants controlling much of Mali.

British military fears irrelevance

LONDON — Drastic cutbacks will see the legendary forces reduced to their lowest numbers in more than a century. Critics say that will erode Britain's ability to punch above its weight.

Worse than Mubarak: SCAF’s assault on Egyptian rights

Egypt’s military council uses whips, sticks and decrees to perpetuate the armed forces’ power and wealth.
Scaf egypt protestEnlarge
Egyptian anti-SCAF protesters shout slogans against the soldiers. (Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images)
ROME — The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), which has governed Egypt in the 18 months since Hosni Mubarak fell and apparently wants to hold on indefinitely, can’t justify itself on its record.

14 brazen examples of Iranian agents stealing technology from the US

For the past five years, dozens of Iranian agents have infiltrated the United States with the intention to steal or sell weapons, aircraft parts, and precious information to Tehran.

Top-secret satellite launched by US Air Force

The US Air Force launched a top-secret rocket Wednesday carrying what is believed to be a spy satellite.
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