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South Africa: Striking miners 'thought they were invincible' after taking 'muti'

Some locals believe that if not for the muti rituals, many more of the striking miners would have been killed.

China to invest in African gold

Barrick Gold, the world's biggest gold producer, announced today that they are in talks to sell the 74 percent stake in its African mining business to China National Gold Group Corporation, a state-owned enterprise in China, via a statement on its website.

Peruvian miners await rescue after mine collapse

Nine miners are trapped in a gold and copper mine in southern Peru. Rescuers are working to evacuate the miners who have been trapped since part of the Cabeza de Negro gold and copper mine collapsed Thursday.

Philippines: Mining landslide kills 25, dozens missing (VIDEO)

The landslide took place at about 3 am, and miners reported waking up to rocks and debris falling on the roofs of their huts. According to reports, 16 people were pulled out from the rubble and rushed to hospital for treatment.

Nicaragua goes back to gold

LA LIBERTAD, Nicaragua — Explosions in this region are no longer the sounds of civil war, but of prospectors searching for gold. 

Chilean miners get payout

The famous miners have fallen on hard times.
Chile miners 2011 08 31Enlarge
The 33 in the spotlight. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Everybody’s favorite miners got a boost this week. 

A year after the miners were pulled from the ground, Chile announced that it would grant lifetime pensions to all of the miners who are at least 50 years old, or suffer from health problems that keep them from working, according to the AP.

Also, it appears that the miners are still sticking together. The list of pension recipients was drawn up by consensus:

The miners themselves helped decide who among themselves who should qualify for the pensions.

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