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End of election season spells stability and growth for Mongolia

First copper exports from Rio Tinto's $6.6 billion Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia - believed to have been delayed due to populist pressures arising in the run-up to presidential elections this week - may start early next month after incumbent Tsakhia Elbegdorj secured a second four-year term, analysts said this week.

Tyrannosaurus fossil embroiled in custody case will be returned to Mongolia

A Mongolian Tyrannosaurus fossil will return home, after a US federal judge ruled that the 70-million-year-old dinosaur would be forfeited to the US government from paleontologist from Erik Prokopi, accused of smuggling the remains out of the Gobi desert.

In Mongolia, a backdoor to the Hermit Kingdom

ULAN BATOR, Mongolia — They come and they go without much international fanfare: delegations of North Korean ministers in Mongolia, invited by the pro-Western government to discuss trade, cultural ties and questions of "mutual interest." The news releases don't reveal much, but they point to an interesting relationship: Mongolia, a fast-growing democracy whose mineral riches have made it the darling of global capitalism, has cultivated perhaps the warmest relationship of any country with the notorious Hermit Kingdom.

Wind farms in Mongolia could help minimize pollution, reliance on coal

SALKHIT, Mongolia — In the vast rolling plains of Salkhit, 45 miles outside the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator, a work crew are busy bending large metal cables into an elaborate, squat structure. Once complete, and with a turbine the length of a football field inserted into the top, it will form a key part of the first wind farm to operate in this coal-rich but infrastructure poor Asian country.

The Earth Project: Mongolia's Wind Revolution

Mongolia has massive coal reserves, but that hasn't stopped the country from taking advantage of vast renewable resources.

Scientists film a Snow leopard family in den for first time

Scientists have videotaped a mother snow leopard and her cubs in their den in Mongolia's Tost Mountains — the first time the den site of these notoriously elusive big cats has been both located and filmed

Why Mongolians don't care

ULAN BATOR, Mongolia — After Mongolia's 2008 parliamentary elections, widespread riots resulted in about 700 arrests, five deaths and many injuries. Before the polls on June 28, onlookers wondered if they should expect the same. But this time around, despite a high unemployment rate and mining wealth that hasn't exactly trickled down, Mongolia's elections were a big yawn. Voter turnout was low at just over 65 percent, which was down from more than 95 percent in 1992. Why, when the stakes are high and getting higher — with multinational companies eyeing the largely untapped natural resources — do so few Mongolians seem to care who is in office?

Ex-Mongolian President Enkhbayar Nambar freed on bail

State anti-corruption investigators accuse the 53-year-old, long-time rival of the country’s current president of misusing state assets whilst in power.

Mongolia: where motherhood merits a medal

NEW YORK — Do government incentives to have children in the form of cash bonuses work?

From Swaziland to Papua to Georgia, here are the world's forgotten revolutions

LONDON — From Swaziland to Papua to Georgia, here's what the media have been neglecting — and why. 
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