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In Libya prisons, former rebels exact revenge on Gaddafi loyalists

MISRATA, Libya — Since the outset of the revolution, reports of atrocities committed by both sides have been frequent.

Inside Gaddafi's Libya: The Villa

In the villa, TV satellite proved all the hopeful news we clung to in jail was wrong — there was no sign of a NATO invasion of Tripoli and there was no open rebellion there either. And no one knew that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan a week earlier.

Inside Gaddafi's Libya: The Prison

After all the confusion and show of the courthouse, and bouncing around Tripoli on the rough planks of a paddy wagon, a feeling of calm swept over me. These, I thought, were my people.

Inside Gaddafi's Libya: The Trial

When they first came, they came after midnight. Clare was first. A young, slick-looking guy carrying an AK-47, said “Madam,” and motioned for her to follow. Clare quietly refused. He insisted.

Inside Gaddafi's Libya: To Gaddafi's Hometown

"Their aggression gave way to a celebratory reenactment of the attack. Pretending their fingers were AK-47s, they shot into the air, laughing. I had seen this kind of behavior before. Soldiers often made light of an attack to mask the confusion and pain that inflicting violence must cause."

Inside Gaddafi's Libya: The Capture

We were getting nervous. We knew the boys driving were scouting the road ahead, and maybe on their own initiative. Anton, the most experienced journalist in the group, mumbled something about it being risky. We could feel our guts begin to tighten. Manu and I looked at each other. But said nothing.

Libya's security depends on former rebels, for better or worse

TRIPOLI — Libya's civilian battalions, which defeated the national army of Muammar Gaddafi are fearless, tough and — most of all — heavily armed.

Libya: Bani Walid clashes spark rumor that Gaddafi forces are regrouping

BANI WALID — After reports that Gaddafi loyalists had retaken Bani Walid, former rebels in Tripoli, Misrata and elsewhere mobilized and were put on high alert.

Gaddafi loyalists attack and seize control of Bani Walid

This is the first major offensive launched by Gaddafi loyalists since the leader was ousted on Oct. 23, shortly after the fall of Bani Walid.

Libya: Was it better under Gaddafi?

MISRATA — Not everyone in Libya is happy with how things turned out after the downfall of Muammar Gaddafi.
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