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Gaddafi’s end: how cell phones became weapons of choice

BOSTON — With 5 billion of the world’s nearly 7 billion people using cell phones, their video capabilities are likely to continue to intensify the stories we tell.

Video: Decoding Gaddafi's death (GRAPHIC)

What does the graphic cell phone video shot after rebels found Gaddafi tell us about how he died? (GRAPHIC)

Gaddafi's body "packed in shopping center freezer" (VIDEO) (GRAPHIC)

Former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi's corpse has been stored in a shopping center freezer

Gaddafi killing: Was it wrong? Readers respond.

GP readers give their views on former Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi's death on Facebook and Twitter.

Gaddafi death "regrettable," South Africa's ANC says

South African President Jacob Zuma said Gaddafi should have been captured, not killed, and then tried at the International Court of Justice. 

Libya celebration tempered by questions of Gaddafi's death (VIDEO)

MISRATA — Death of Muammar Gaddafi at the hands of his own citizens brought an ironic and disturbing end to the rule of an eccentric and tyrannical leader.

GADDAFI: GlobalPost videos, photos, dispatches

GlobalPost pulls together its best content to explain how Muammar Gaddafi was captured, what were the circumstances under which he died and what will happen next in Libya.

Gaddafi dead: Video of leader's initial capture (EXCLUSIVE)

Video is earliest known footage of Gaddafi's capture at the hands of rebel fighters.
The shock discovery of the former dictator, found cowering in a water drain, was captured by a rebel fighter with an iPhone just seconds after Gaddafi was dragged from his hiding spot.

Inside Gaddafi's Libya

Abducted and held captive in Sirte and Tripoli for weeks, Foley witnessed firsthand the chaos, uncertainty and brutality of the Gaddafi regime.

1980s sitcom predicts Gaddafi's death

In an episode of "Second Chance," Muammar Gaddafi is pegged to die in 2011.

"Ah, Colonel Gaddafi," St. Peter says to a laugh track in 1987. "Dead at last!"

This is a scene from the 1980s sitcom "Second Chance" which, incidentally, stars a young Matthew Perry. It was first found by BuzzFeed. The scene takes place in St. Peter's "office" in the year — wait for it — 2011.

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