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Rasmussen says NATO committed to "a successful end" in Libya

BRUSSELS — The NATO Secretary General said he was "not surprised" that the Libyan opposition, supported by alliance airstrikes, had not vanquished Muammar Gaddafi.

Russia denounces France over arms drops to Libyan rebels and demands an explanation (VIDEO)

The French military denied supplying anti-tank missiles to the rebels, though it admitted that it had parachuted light arms to them, after Le Figaro, a French newspaper, stated that Milan anti-tank missiles and light armored vehicles had been part of the air drop.

Report: Libyan soccer stars "defect to rebels"

"I am telling Colonel Gaddafi to leave us alone and allow us to create a free Libya," the Libyan national soccer team's goalkeeper told the BBC.

Italy calls for halt to NATO military action in Libya to allow for humanitarian aid (VIDEO)

Amid growing concerns about civilian deaths resulting from NATO raids in Libya, Italy's foreign minister calls for a halt to military action to allow humanitarian aid to the country.

Libya officials say toddlers among dead from NATO raid

The incident early Sunday occurred just over 24 hours after the Libyan government accused NATO of specifically targeting civilians in its bombing campaign.

Gaddafi a legitimate target, says NATO official (VIDEO)

Claiming that Gaddafi's collapse could be imminent, allied countries pledged as much as $1 billion Thursday to support the rebels when they have the chance to take over the country.

Gaddafi's daughter files "war crimes" lawsuit related to NATO air strike that killed relatives

Aisha Gaddafi argues that the coalition forces that carried out the attack are guilty of "war crimes" because the air strike was aimed at a civilian target.

Libya: Gaddafi vows to fight to the death (VIDEO)

Gaddafi said he was ready to unleash between 250,000 to 500,00 armed Libyans to cleanse the country to cleanse of "armed gangs," a reference to the rebels controlling the east of the North African oil producer.

Libyans caught out lying about "victim" of NATO bombing (VIDEO)

NATO has begun using attack helicopters in strikes against forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The alliance claims the helicopters — British Apaches and French Gazelle and Tiger helicpoters — give greater precision in hitting military targets.
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