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China: No survivors after landslide buries primary school children (VIDEO)

Some 100,000 cubic meters of mud hit Zhenhe village in Yunnan province early on Thursday morning.

Fierce Typhoon Jelawat heads out to sea after hitting mainland Japan (VIDEO)

A NASA advisory said Typhoon Jelawat was comparable to a Category 3 hurricane.

Philippines: 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes off coast

The US Geological Survey announced that a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Philippines early this morning. The quake prompted a tsunami warning for parts of Indonesia, Philippines, Belau, Yap, Taiwan, Japan, Guam, N. Marianas, Papua New Guinea and Hawaii.

Turkey: Preparing for the big one

ISTANBUL — If an earthquake strikes Turkey's largest city, whole neighborhoods would likely be wiped out. So, after several failed attempts, authorities are attempting to reconstruct many of Istanbul’s most vulnerable areas. But the plans are not without controversy. Many residents will be forced to give up their homes and human rights groups worry the plan is designed more to enable more valuable re-development than to ensure the safety of residents.

Russia: Flash floods kill over 100 in southern Krasnodar (VIDEO) (UPDATE)

"People are on the street, they are at a loss what to do," one local resident said. "The floods are really, really huge."

Colorado wildfires: 2 deaths reported, disaster declared

President Barack Obama toured the affected areas today.

Deadly landslide wipes out Ugandan villages

The death count has risen from 10 to 100 in a catastrophic landslide that devastated multiple villages.
Uganda landslide 1Enlarge
Ugandan soldiers and relatives try to retreive the bodies of villagers burried under a landslide at Bududa in Mbale district in eastern Uganda that engulfed entire villages killing at least 80 people in March 2010. (Peter Busomoke/AFP/Getty Images)

NAIROBI, Kenya — A landslide that swept through at least two villages in eastern Uganda may have killed over 100 people, according to the national branch of the Red Cross and a local official.

Other early reports gave a much lower figure of 10 dead.

Deadly landslides occur with depressing regularity during the heavy rainy seasons on the western slopes of Mount Elgon, demolishing homes and villages and burying people alive. In March 2010 hundreds of people died in a landslide in Nametsi, close to the site of today's disaster.

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Chatter: Italy rocked by second deadly quake

Another earthquake hits northern Italy, Kofi Annan goes tete-a-tete with Bashar al-Assad, and you too could be buried where Elvis was - or wasn't.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
Another earthquake hits northern Italy, Kofi Annan goes tete-a-tete with Bashar al-Assad, and you too could be buried where Elvis was - or wasn't.

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico Tuesday

A 7.6 magnitude quake shook southern Mexico and the capital Tuesday, in what wintesses described as "long" and "strong."

Australia: Floods send spiders spinning in Wagga Wagga

The wet conditions have driven ground-dwelling wolf spiders to build huge webs over grass and bushes.
Australia floods spiders 7 3 2012Enlarge
Following the 2010 floods in Sindh, Pakistan, spiders climbed into branches and covered entire trees in silk. A similar phenomenon seems to be occurring in Wagga Wagga, Australia. (DFID - UK Department for International Development/Courtesy)

Here's news that might make at least of the 9,000 people evacuated from the flooded city of Wagga Wagga in south-east Australia: the town they left has since been overrun with spiders.

The creatures have covered entire fields with their billowing white webs (photos here).

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