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With government shutdown looming, Senate prepares to vote on spending bill

FEMA is running short of funds to help the victims of Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee, and other natural disasters. 

One million flee Typhoon Roke in Japan

China: floods leave 57 dead

The floods have caused nearly $3 million in damage and submerged 29,000 houses across the three provinces, according to China's Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Still-soggy Australians told to brace themselves for another wild, wet summer

Australia's summer forecast: fair chance of disaster?
australia floods la nina 9 12 2011 Enlarge
The flooded Diamantina River around Birdsville, Australia, is seen from the air with the on March 28, 2011. Queensland suffered a series of extreme floods from December 2010 to January 2011, affecting more than 200,000 people across more than 70 towns. (Mark Kolbe/AFP/Getty Images)
La Nina, the weather system resulting from a cooling of the normal sea surface temperatures around the equatorial Pacific Ocean, responsible for last summer's heartache, is back this year.

In northeast, Susquehanna River flooding sets records

Catastrophic Texas wildfire destroys 1000 homes

The Bastrop fire - the most devastating blaze in Texas in a decade - killed at least two, bringing the overall death toll to at least four.

Hurricane Katia downgraded to Category 3

According to the Daily Mail, insurers worldwide have suffered losses of more than $70 billion this year, with Hurricane Irene costing up to $6 billion in the United States, mainly die to flooding in New Jersey and Vermont. Irene was also blamed for at least 40 deaths.

Bastrop county burns as Rick Perry calls for more federal aid (VIDEO)

Gov. Rick Perry left the campaign trail Monday in South Carolina to organize requests for more federal aid, with more than 60 new wildfires raging across the state.

Deadly Texas wildfires rage unabated, stoked by Tropical Storm Lee

Black Hawk helicopters trying to douse the fire, which Texas Forest Service spokeswoman Jan Amen called "a monster," adding that it was "zero percent contained," Time reports.

Tropical Storm Lee brings more flooding, stokes wildfires

Winds from Tropical Storm Lee have also whipped up wildfires in Texas. 
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