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The music of Mandela

The struggles and triumphs of one of the world's most respected civil rights leaders have inspired countless songs from musicians across the globe.

Death of Nelson Mandela (FULL COVERAGE)

Nelson Mandela, icon of South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle and later the nation's president, has died at the age of 95.

Nelson Mandela back in hospital

JOHANNESBURG — Nelson Mandela is back in hospital for a recurrent lung infection and is responding positively to treatment, the South African government says.

South Africa: Nelson Mandela home from hospital

"He will undergo home-based high care at his Houghton home until he recovers fully," spokesman Mac Maharaj said.

Nelson Mandela undergoes surgery to remove gallstones

No information has been given about when the anti-apartheid icon might be released from hospital.

Nelson Mandela receiving treatment for lung infection

Mandela's wife Graca Machel in an interview said it was painful to see him aging.

Nelson Mandela 'comfortable' after night in Pretoria hospital

The 94-year-old Nobel peace laureate was flown from his rural home in the Eastern Cape to the capital Pretoria to receive medical attention.

South Africa: Mike du Toit, mastermind of 'Boeremag' white supremacist plot to kill Mandela, convicted of treason

The Boeremag, which means "Afrikaner Power" in Afrikaans, wanted to chase black people out of South Africa.

South Africa serenades Nelson Mandela on his 94th birthday

Some 12 million South African schoolchildren sung a specially composed song for Mandela's birthday as part of official celebrations.
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