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So here's why Germany is struggling to ban neo-Nazis

BERLIN — Reeling from revelations that a neo-Nazi cell allegedly robbed banks and murdered immigrants with impunity for more than a decade, the authorities have been at pains to show they’re acting against extremism.

France vows crackdown on far-right after attack

BRUSSELS, Belgium — The French government is promising harsh measures against extreme-right groups after a teenage left-wing activist was killed after being beaten during a clash with skinheads in downtown Paris.
Extremist dataEnlarge
Demonstrations against neo-Nazis in Germany are important but quantifying the problem of extremism - in all its manifestations - is even more important. (ROBERT MICHAEL/AFP/Getty Images)

Mohammed Merah is dead. In France, in the press and in private, there will be much discussion about how many French Muslims share his extremist world view.

But think back to Monday, when the police said they were investigating the Toulouse murders on a twin track, looking for either a neo-Nazi or jihadi. Suppose the murderer had been inspired by Anders Breivik, the same question would be asked: how many Frenchmen share this extremist world view.

Toulouse manhuntEnlarge
Security is super-tight in Toulouse as the hunt for the killer of Jewish school children and immigrant soldiers intensifies. (PASCAL PAVANI/AFP/Getty Images)

France has been convulsed by the shooting yesterday of a Rabbi and three children at Jewish school. Schools across the country today observed a moment's silence.

Extra police and security personnel have poured into the area around Toulouse in southwest France as an intense manhunt gets underway.

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