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Prince Johan Friso of Netherlands critically injured in avalanche

"Doctors treating him describe the prince's condition as stable, but his life remains at risk," according to a government statement.

European austerity by the numbers: in or out of the euro zone today's figures are grim.

Statistics prove yet again: cutting alone will not help an economy

The European economic numbers flow across my computer screen, not quite as quickly as the ticker tape crawl at CNBC or Bloomberg, but there are a lot of them and virtually every one is bad. And in or out of the euro zone, they all point to the same thing: austerity isn't working.

In Greece: the economy contracted by 7 percent in the last quarter. Since austerity budgets began to be implemented two years ago Greece's debt had jumped from 115 percent of GDP to 166 percent of GDP, the Guardian reports.

In Britain: Unemployment is at 8.4 percent according to the Office of National Statistics, a 16 year high (I have reported on other sources of unemployment statistics here).


Europe’s deep freeze has Netherlands buzzing with hopes for epic Elfstedentocht ice race

Brussels — Up to 2 million spectators are expected for one of world’s most grueling sports events, if the ice reaches the required thickness.

New Year's Eve: Dutch giraffes soothed by pop music

Dutch obsession with New Year's Eve fireworks rattles giraffes at Netherlands zoo; only pop music can calm the animals.
new years eve giraffes 12 31 2011Enlarge
Unlike the urban giraffes of the Netherlands, this family of wild giraffes in Africa is not forced to listen to pop music in order to mask the terrifying sounds of New Year's Eve fireworks. (Jacqui Deelstra/GlobalPost)

It's New Year's Eve at the zoo, your neighbors are going crazy with fireworks, and the giraffes are spooked. What do you do?

At Amersfoort Animal Park in the Netherlands, staff tune into Radio 2, a public radio station that plays pop music, and crank up the volume.


Thousands of Dutch children raped, new independent report claims

Independent report into 60 years of abuse in Roman Catholic institutions published today makes for bleak reading
Dutch abuseEnlarge
Archbishop Wim Eijk (L) and Dutch Religious Conference KNR chairman Cees van Dam hold a press conference in Zeist on December 16, 2011, after an independent Dutch inquiry into child sexual abuse (KOEN VAN WEEL/AFP/Getty Images)
Roman Catholic institutions in Netherlands cited for massive child sex abuse

Reality TV: Who wants to be a refugee?

BRUSSELS — Debuted last week, the show may sound like a scene from a surreal black comedy, but "Weg van Nederlands" (or "Crazy about the Netherlands") is for real.

Jews and Muslims protest Dutch vote to ban ritual animal slaughtering

If the law is enacted and enforced, it's likely that observant Jews and Muslims, who butcher animals according to stringent centuries-old rules, would have to import meat from abroad, stop eating it altogether, or leave the country.

Netherlands to close cannabis cafes to tourists, impose restrictions on Dutch

The Netherlands is known as having one of the most liberal "soft drug" policies, and the country's cannabis cafes, where the sale and use of cannabis is tolerated, have become popular tourist attractions, pulling in millions of tourists a year.

Dutch mother convicted of killing her 4 newborns

Her arrest last year came after four decomposing bodies were found in suitcases in her attic.
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